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Nilit Launches Sensil ByNature Bio-Based Nylon for Apparel Fabrics

Nilit, a global manufacturer of premium nylon 6.6, has introduced Sensil ByNature, which it said significantly improves apparel’s sustainability profile, lifecycle analysis and environmental impact.

By using a certified Biomass Balance (BMB) material from BASF, Nilit replaces fossil raw material with renewable feedstock. Utilizing this ISCC plus certified material, Sensil ByNature reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and lessens dependence on non-renewable resources.

Apparel made with Sensil ByNature fabrics offers consumers a meaningful way to help reduce carbon footprint while maintaining the comfort, performance and longevity that they expect from Sensil, the Israeli company said.

“Sensil ByNature is a ground-breaking innovation in premium nylon 6.6,” said Ilan Melamed, Nilit general manager. “Sensil ByNature will significantly reduce carbon footprint while providing the highest quality man-made fiber for apparel. This is the kind of radical product development that the textile industry requires to effectively and quickly reduce its environmental impact, and move to a more responsible position in the global marketplace.”

Frank Reil, head of marketing, new business development and sustainability polyamides at BASF, said working with Nilit expands the company’s Biomass Balance material to the apparel sector.

“Nilit shares our commitment to sustainability and together we will create new innovative products that substantially improve the textile and apparel industry and reduce environmental footprint,” Reil said.

In BASF’s biomass balance approach, renewable resources such as bio-naphtha or biomethane derived from organic waste, crops or vegetable oils are used as feedstock in the first steps of chemical production. The bio-based feedstock amount is then allocated to specific products sold by means of the certified method.

Sensil ByNature is the latest sustainable innovation from Nilit. The company recently launched Sensil BioCare, enhanced with a special technology that helps lessen the persistence of textile waste in sea water and in landfills; Sensil EcoCare crafted with recycled nylon, and Sensil WaterCare pre-dyed nylon that saves 100 percent of the water used in the traditional wet dyeing process.

In addition, the Sensil portfolio of products is manufactured according to Nilit’s “Total Product Sustainability” criteria. Sensil ByNature will be introduced to the market at Performance Days in Munich, April 27-28.