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Oros Takes 3-in-1 Approach to 3-Season Gemini Jacket

After three successful Kickstarter campaigns raising more than $1 million, OROS is poised for its most ambitious offering to date–the Gemini Jacket.

At the core of the Gemini Jacket is OROS’ transformation of aerogel, NASA’s most advanced insulation, into Solarcore, a highly efficient performance insulation. In thermal conductivity lab test ASTM C518, Solarcore outperformed down jackets and more than 200 commonly used insulations, all at a fraction of the thickness, according to the company.

OROS uses its Solarcore technology to create performance outerwear with a clean and minimalist aesthetic, designing insulated techwear balancing warmth and protection.

A performance vest, augmented with Solarcore insulation, is the engine that powers the entire 3-in-1 system. The vest can be worn on its own to deliver targeted insulation for high output activities like cycling and trail running.

A feather-light waterproof shell keeps wearers dry, and can be worn alone in warmer months or combined with the vest to create a performance winter jacket, minus the excessive layers and restricted movement.

After three successful Kickstarter campaigns raising $1 million, Oros is poised for its most ambitious offering yet–the Gemini Jacket.
A performance vest, augmented with Solarcore insulation. Courtesy

“We launched OROS with the Orion Parka,” Michael Markesbery, CEO of OROS, said. “It’s the warmest jacket on Earth, but it doesn’t have much versatility. We wanted to make a jacket that you could wear three seasons out of the year, but still had the warmth to keep you protected during the toughest winter days. So, we created the Gemini Jacket.”

The Gemini Jacket launches on Kickstarter on March 16. OROS is an outerwear brand based in Portland, Ore. Inspired by its NASA-heritage and a push to elevate the ordinary, the brand aims to provide a fresh perspective on the outdoor category.

The brand’s target customer is 25-to-35 year-olds looking to “live life to the fullest, take the road less travelled and share their experiences with friends and followers.”