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Parkdale: Leading the World in Sustainable Yarn Manufacturing and Fiber Technology

As the world’s leading manufacturer of spun yarns, Parkdale is fully committed to creating innovative and cost-effective solutions that protect the environment and improve lives. With over 29 manufacturing plants in the U.S., Mexico and South America, the company can produce over 8,000 tons of yarn per week.

What has made Parkdale so successful since its inception in 1916? They place sustainability, the environment and their customers at the heart of the organization and are committed to continuous improvement.

By joining forces with the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol, Parkdale assures its customers that the cotton fiber in its supply chain is more sustainably grown and has a lower environmental and social impact.

Parkdale takes action to reduce its carbon footprint whenever possible. Actions like updating to LED lighting in all their facilities, converting to lithium batteries in personnel transport vehicles, performing water and 3rd party energy audits and reductions, among others.

They also develop non-conventional methods to reuse waste generated from the production process and reuse or recycle everything in their facilities , from packaging materials and cardboard to breakroom bottles and cans.

Virtually every part of the cotton plant is utilized in one form or another, such as filler insulation, animal feed or cleansing products.

By applying innovative and specialized technology, Parkdale develops products that help the environment, are energy efficient and biodegradable and minimize wasteful water use.

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How the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol makes Parkdale even stronger

As the sustainability standards of garments and textile manufacturing rise, multi-national companies like Parkdale need reliable suppliers they can trust to deliver quality and consistent materials that ensure customer satisfaction.

And as the world’s largest cotton buyer, they take cotton seriously. Thanks to the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol, Parkdale can feel confident they are buying responsibly produced, quality fiber and reducing environmental and social risk in the field-to-mill supply chain.

The Trust Protocol sets continual benchmarks for sustainable growth to meet the 2025 Sustainable Development Goals for a better planet today and for future generations. Together with their partners, they apply measurable actions to ensure sustainable practices that affect the nation’s cotton farms and manufacturers, including energy, erosion, and emissions.

Trust Protocol members are committed to making serious changes to protect the environment. These quantifiable goals include reducing land use by 13 percent, reducing soil erosion and loss by 50 percent, increasing soil carbon by 30 percent, reducing energy consumption by 15 percent, and taking specific measures to decrease greenhouse emissions from every step of the supply chain by 39 percent.

Parkdale and the U.S. Trust Protocol – partners for a more sustainable future.

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