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Pertex’s Shield Revolve Fabrics Tackle End-of-Life Recycling

With a commitment to minimize its environmental impact through responsible product and business practice, U.K.-based performance fabric firm Pertex has introduced Pertex Shield Revolve, a more sustainable and technical waterproof and breathable material.

Pertex Shield Revolve fabrics are mono-material laminates in which each layer of the fabric is made from a single polymer–in this case, 100 percent recycled polyester. The company says that mono-material composition makes Pertex Shield Revolve fabrics easier to be recycled at the end of a garment’s life, minimizing resource waste and reducing the fabric’s overall environmental impact.

“Conventional waterproof breathable fabrics are constructed from multiple different polymer layers, such as nylon, polyurethane, polyester and fluoropolymers, which are laminated into a multimaterial fabric,” Pertex brand director Steve Laycock said. “These fabrics are very difficult to recycle at the end of the product’s life due to the major challenges of separating out the different polymers into their relevant waste streams.”

Pertex Shield Revolve fabrics are also free from perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), including the durable water repellent (DWR) finish and the membrane.

Rab introduced Pertex Shield Revolve in its Downpour Eco Jacket for Spring/Summer 2021 and for Fall/Winter 2021 collections and has adopted a new three-layer version for the Rab Arc Eco Jacket.

“At Rab, we are proud to have worked with Pertex since our early days,” Jim Evans, marketing director at Rab, said. “Together, we’ve pioneered high-performance outdoor clothing and equipment that delivers ultimate protection. Now as we are a certified Climate Neutral Company, aiming to be carbon Net Zero by 2030, everything in our design process considers our impact on the planet, without sacrificing on product performance. It’s great that Pertex shares that vision. Together we have succeeded in designing the Downpour Eco Jacket and the Arc Eco Jacket, using 100 percent recycled Pertex Shield Revolve fabric and thus reducing our impact while maintaining the performance you expect.”

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Klättermusen will use a 2.5-layer Pertex Shield Revolve fabric in its new Brede 2.0 jacket and Brage 2.0 salopettes.

“We always strive to find developments and solutions that evolve us beyond tomorrow,” Ida Holemen, global head of marketing at Klättermusen, said. “Circular thinking is crucial to this. Pertex Revolve series is using post-consumer recycled fibers from the face fabric to the membrane and the protective backing to create this durable, three-layer material. So, not only recycled, but also totally recyclable again. Circularity.”

For Fall/Winter 2021, Martini Sportswear adopted Shield Revolve in four new styles, including the Turbulence and Changeover jackets.

“Every single one of our products enables athletes to achieve personal best performances,” Ludwig Moz, marketing and public relations manager at Martini Sportswear, said. “To ensure this, highly functional and reliable materials play a crucial role. When choosing them, in addition to functionality and longevity, the impact on the environment is also of great importance to us. Thanks to the careful use of resources during the production process, the high proportion of recyclable content and the associated low disposal costs, Pertex Shield Revolve is the right material to equip our customers with our products for their sport in the fresh air with a good conscience.”