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Fibral Material Alliance Backs Hemp, Flax and More

To consolidate and give a stronger voice to the growing plant-based textile industry, Ananas Anam, Bananatex and Circular Systems have founded the Fibral Material Alliance.

The London-based Fibral Material Alliance was formulated by Dr. Carmen Hijosa from Ananas Anam, Hannes Schoenegger from Bananatex and Ricardo Garay of Regenerate Fashion. It aims to bring together companies and individuals working with ancient underrepresented and new plant-based fibers, giving the movement a foundation for delivering solutions to the global textile problem.

The organization noted that the textile industry is dominated by a material mix that relies on fossil-based resources or fibers that are associated with intensive water, chemical and land use. In the face of global climate change, it feels there is a growing need for alternative materials as the Earth’s finite resources diminish and natural systems continue to degrade.

To give a stronger voice to the plant-based textile industry, Ananas Anam, Bananatex and Circular Systems founded Fibral Material Alliance.
Oilseed hemp straw bales Courtesy

The Fibral Material Alliance seeks to align plant-based fibers under a common umbrella to provide support and solutions with the aim of helping to heal the Earth’s ecosystems and the textile industry through increasing use of fibral materials. These natural materials are derived from precious renewable resources, such as abaca, pineapple leaves, oilseed flax/hemp, novel agricultural wastes and by-products.

“Fibral is the result of a fellowship of like-minded individuals whose vision, work and life purpose is to inspire change by bringing awareness to plant-based fibers, regenerative systems, local and indigenous communities and culture, and the importance of biodiversity,” Ananas Anam founder Hijosa said. “With this alliance, we wish to activate a sense of community, sharing and collaboration by focusing on plant-based solutions, in particular on the potential of underrepresented fibers in the marketplace.”

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To give a stronger voice to the plant-based textile industry, Ananas Anam, Bananatex and Circular Systems founded Fibral Material Alliance.
Agraloop biofiber Courtesy

London-based Ananas Anam is a B-Corp certified company responsible for developing innovative plant-based textiles disrupting the world of fashion materials and leading the way in sustainability. Hijosa, who is chief creative and innovation officer of Ananas Anam, developed Piñatex, a natural plant-based material made from pineapple leaf fiber.

Schoenegger is co-founder and CEO of Swiss bag brand Qwstion and its spin-off company Bananatex. Qwstion has made bags from plants since 2008. Bananatex is a Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold material.

Ricardo is a regenerative systems strategist and designer whose primary focus over the past 10 years has been bridging the gap between textiles/fibers and agricultural systems. His research includes bioregional circularity, regenerative agriculture and business, and localism.