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PrAna Commits to Using 100 Percent Organic Cotton in Its Garments

In its own effort to support the sustainable clothing movement, lifestyle clothing brand PrAna will make the switch to using 100 percent organic cotton in its garments.

The retailer, which wants to do its part to reduce apparel’s carbon footprint, introduced an organic cotton clothing collection to mark its new environmental commitment.

“Choosing organically grown cotton is about choosing life,” PrAna said on its website. “Life for the soil, life for the ecosystem, life for the farmers, their families and the communities in which they live.”

The brand made the switch to using only organic cotton for three main reasons: to further support farmers and their families, to regenerate biodiversity in soil and to conserve water in the irrigation process. By switching to 100 percent organic cotton, PrAna can support farmers and families that grow the raw material.

PrAna, which sells Fair Trade Certified products, ensures that all workers in its supply chain, from farmers to factory workers, benefit from safe working conditions, have a voice in their workplace and are paid a fair wage. Fair Trade partners with organizations like Chetna Organic, which works to improve the lives of smallholder farmers by developing more sustainable agricultural systems, making their eco-friendly crops profitable and increasing access to more ethical cotton markets.

According to PrAna, using organic cotton reduces soil acidification by 70 percent, and improved soil could lead to better biodiversity. On its website, PrAna also says conventionally grown organic cotton consumes roughly 25 percent of insecticides and more than 10 percent of pesticides used globally, while organic cotton minimizes the risk of chemical exposure in the environment.

Using 100 percent organic cotton could also conserve water in the irrigation and clothing production processes, according to PrAna, who said switching to 100 percent organic cotton results in 91 percent water consumption reduction for irrigation, while changing one cotton shirt to organic cotton saves 115 gallons of water.

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PrAna also wants to make consumers part of the organic cotton journey. In addition to spreading the word on social media, PrAna is encouraging consumers to shop for sustainably designed garments, including the ones featured in its new 100 percent organic cotton collection. The 134-piece collection, which features accessories and colorful wardrobe staples like tops, button down shirts and jeans, is available in sizes 00 to 42 and retails from $14 to $99 on PrAna’s website. Some of the collection’s items also feature performance capabilities, including Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), Durable Water Repellant (DWR), stretch and quick dry.

“We go out of our way to ensure the impact we make on the world is mostly confined to our aesthetic,” PrAna said. “By using materials and partnering with companies and factories that adhere to strict guidelines for safety and efficacy, we’re able to make the beautiful and functional products we love, in a way that we can all feel good about.”