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How PrimaLoft is Making Strides in Sustainable Material Usage and Manufacturing

PrimaLoft, an advanced material technology company advancing high-performance insulations and fabrics, including recyclable microfiber thermal materials, published its first “Relentlessly Responsible Report,” showcasing key brand highlights in sustainability and its strides toward decarbonization.

PrimaLoft said in its report that its overarching goal is to develop innovative products and technologies that remain on the cutting edge of material science. That innovation is guided by two principles–performance and sustainability. With each new technology, the company aims to provide the highest possible performance, while also reducing its impact on the environment.

In product development, PrimaLoft’s collaboration with Origin Materials reached a significant milestone in 2021, producing the first carbon negative polyester fiber suitable for use in textiles. The intention in the coming year is to make nonwoven insulations utilizing this advanced polymer fiber, without compromising high-performance standards.

The company is also in the process of securing approximately five brand partners to showcase the new fiber technology in concept garments. Hopes are to have garment prototypes ready for 2023.

To manufacture its high-performance product solutions, PrimaLoft requires high-grade recycled inputs. It has been working with polyester stabilizers that would enable it to leverage more prolific, lower-grade recycled inputs and by doing so, be able to offer the same high performing, thermal-insulating fibers while producing less plastic waste.

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In manufacturing, the company continues to elevate its breakthrough renewable manufacturing technology PrimaLoft Pure, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by up to 95 percent for certain products.

Insulation specialist PrimaLoft published its first “Relentlessly Responsible Report” showcasing brand highlights in sustainability.
In product development, PrimaLoft’s collaboration with Origin Materials produced the first carbon negative polyester fiber suitable for use in textiles. Courtesy

PrimaLoft retains a global network of contract manufacturers, partnering with facilities across Asia, Europe and North America. This asset-light model aligns with the Relentlessly Responsible mission to reduce environmental impact as well as lead times and transit costs.

The company is able to strategically align production locations so that they are clustered close to customer garment factories. This reduces the emissions associated with transportation by trimming transit distance and times.

In 2021, PrimaLoft’s top two contract manufacturers shipped an average of 63 percent of shipments within their region. This shipment strategy resulted in a 25 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Material innovations in 2021 focusing on using recycled materials instead of virgin polyester, leading to a CO2 reduction of 66 percent and saving more than 6.4 million kilograms of carbon dioxide. The company targets 50 percent or greater post-consumer recycled (PCR) waste usage, diverted from landfills or coastal environments, with many products reaching 80 percent to 100 percent PCR content.

“Moving forward, we will be focusing our innovation on reducing our impact on the environment through continued use of recycled materials, designing for circularity, aggressive carbon reduction and the development of technologies using non-petroleum based raw material, all while continuing to elevate the industry-leading performance of our products,” Mike Joyce PrimaLoft president and CEO, said in the report.