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Haelixa Collaborates With QIMA, Diamond Denim on Supply Chain Transparency

Haelixa, a DNA traceability provider, and QIMA, which offers supply chain compliance solutions, have collaborated to offer a package of physical traceability and auditing solutions.

The offer addresses the need for 100 percent reliable data linked to the origin of products and standards applied in global supply chains. Haelixa’s traceability solution is based on DNA and provides a forensic proof for product origin and authenticity from source to retail.

Haelixa can develop a unique DNA marker to identify a specific brand, supplier, collection or even production lot and material type. Unlike in a paper-based chain of custody or in blockchains, the product information is never separated from the product itself, but safely embedded and tamper-proof.

QIMA partners with retailers, importers and brands like Guess to secure, manage and optimize their global supply network. The company operates in more than 85 countries and offers onsite inspections, supplier audits, lab testing and certification combined with a digital platform that provides accurate intelligence related to quality and compliance.

Through systematic sampling and testing of “Marked and Traced by Haelixa” products, the product information can be read-out at any point during production, enabling off-site inspection in addition to the traditional on-site inspection through auditing for the first time. Haelixa’s technology enables simple data reconciliation between all nodes of the supply chain to prevent and detect irregularities between and at each individual step.

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To add a layer of monitoring and control, the Haelixa marker application can be audited onsite by QIMA. The two companies offer consolidated reporting to link Haelixa’s traceability data with QIMA audit and inspection data collected at all tiers–brands and retailers get complete visibility over their product’s supply chain and can tie it to the quality and compliance performance of their suppliers.

“Haelixa’s technology is a great complement to QIMA’s global footprint and the services we’re offering,” Sebastien Breteau, QIMA’s founder and CEO, said. “By joining forces, we can help brands and retailers step up their traceability game.”

Michela Puddu, CEO of Haelixa, described the solution as a “strong value proposition in times where brands and suppliers are under increasing pressure from end-consumers and authorities to prove that social and environmental standards are respected in their supply chain.”

Haelixa has also collaborated with vertical denim manufacturer Diamond Denim to promote transparency within denim supply chains. With its DNA-based traceability solution, Haelixa addresses three key challenges of the textile industry–the need for transparency in global textile supply chains and the ability to prove product origin and sustainability claims.

Diamond Denim is part of the Sapphire Group, one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated textile groups, and offers vertically integrated solutions from yarn to garments with a strong focus on sustainable fibers, eco-friendly chemicals and water savings. The collaboration with Haelixa shows Diamond Denim’s commitment to transparency through traceability.

In the first joint project, cotton fiber was marked after bale opening in the Diamond factory in Lahore, Pakistan. The read out, conducted in the Haelixa labs in Switzerland, was done with the garment after several household washings, as well as with different intermediate products from various production stages.

Diamond required a traceability solution in line with its sustainability standards, and Haelixa markers are proven to be harmless for humans and the environment, GMO-free, vegan, GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 compliant. As Diamond Denim is investing heavily in new eco-friendly and sustainable technology to augment its use of recycled fibers, Haelixa will support the company in a next project providing a forensic proof for claims related to the use of recycled fiber.

“We are very happy with our first industrial application of the Haelixa marker,” Ali Abdullah, co-founder of Diamond Denim by Sapphire, said. “Once production was completed, we sent blind marked and unmarked samples back to Haelixa and their analysis proved to be 100 percent accurate. Within our mission to provide a clean and sustainable denim product, physical traceability is a big step forward. Haelixa reinforces our already solid supply chain controls and renders irrefutable proof that our product indeed contains what we declare.”