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How This New Rain Jacket Gets Breathable Wind and Weather Protection

Swiss textile manufacturer Schoeller’s Aerobrane electrostatic-spun membrane technology has been introduced to consumers with brand partner Outlier’s Experiment 200’s “Ecstasy in the Rain” jacket.

Schoeller’s Aerobrane membrane is designed to offer optimum protection against wind and weather, along with high levels of breathability. In development for four years and first shown to the market in late 2018, the Schoeller Aerobrane membrane’s structure consists of an ultra-fine, hydrophilic polyurethane fiber composite that differs from other film-based membranes and offers a softer feel and fluid textile characteristics.

“The electrostatic spun membrane technology is amazing because it allows for genuinely air permeable yet extremely water-resistant membranes that just couldn’t be made previously,” Outlier co-founder Abe Burmeister said. “The air permeability is really what makes the difference for us. It’s like opening the window on a rain shell. It allows for air to circulate around the body as you move, even when you are fully sealed off from the rain. It just makes for a far more comfortable rain jacket.”

Schoeller has demonstrated to Sourcing Journal that to produce an electrostatic spun membrane, a large number of ultra-light, microscopic fibers are placed closely on top of each other, forming a clustered but firmly connected structure that can only be detected with the highest microscope technology. Aerobrane features water-repellent qualities, as water droplets on the exterior are larger than the spaces between the fibrous structures.

“At Schoeller, we are happiest when pushing the boundaries of innovation and we are proud to stand by our partners at Outlier as they introduce our Aerobrane technology,” Stephen Kerns, president of Schoeller Textil USA, said. “Extreme breathability along with water and wind protection is something for which we have continued to strive for many years.”

Outlier’s Experiment 200–Ecstasy in the Rain jacket will only be available for a limited time and features a lightweight four-way stretch Schoeller woven fabric that is laminated to the Aerobrane membrane.