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Here’s What Got Saya Rscuw an ISPO Textrends Award

Saya, a new name in recycled fiber, has been awarded the 2021/22 ISPO Textrends Selection Award in Fibers & Insulations for two offerings, Rscuw and Rscuw Raw, that provide a renewal solution for leftover rolls of fabric and cutting scrap that don’t make it into a garment.

Each year the ISPO Awards honor products in the sports industry that are the result of innovation, passion and creativity. ISPO Textrends often serves as a guide and seal of quality for designers and product managers to aid in decision-making in a multi-layered market.

The Saya Rscuw Project for recycled scrap and cutting waste addresses the apparel industry’s largest areas of hidden waste. Cutting scrap has been documented to make up 25 percent of wastage per yard, with fabric overruns amounting to 8.7 million tons in 2019. In addition, Saya noted that fabric overstock recycling has been difficult and expensive.

Saya Rscuw, made of a combination of overstock and cutting scrap, and post-consumer recycled PET bottles, creates new recycling possibilities for what would typically end up in landfills.

“Saya fibers were developed with the goal of advancing recycled fibers to meet the performance expectations of both consumers and product developers,” Jason Hsu, Saya sales manager, said. “Today’s consumers are using their purchasing power to demand sustainability, but they don’t want to sacrifice performance. With Saya Rscuw, there is no longer compromise needed and we are making progress in refining the technology needed to renew fabric and eventually garments.”

Saya says Rscuw Raw is differentiated because the fibers are recycled without the bleaching process, retaining the original source color of offcuts, deadstock and tinted PET bottles. Being unbleached is up to 30 percent more energy efficient and carbon friendly compared to bleached renewed fibers, Saya said.

Saya Rscuw and Rscuw Raw are available with several performance enhancements, including ChromShield solution-dye technology that provides rich color and superior fade resistance, stretch made with 50 percent recycled PET plus 50 percent bio-based PTT, antibacterial properties and filament sizes ranging from microfiber for strong drape to ballistic options for maximum strength and abrasion resistance.

Saya says it is able to push the boundaries of innovation, thanks to its parent company, Nan Ya Plastics, a branch of the Formosa Plastics Group and a global specialist in performance fibers.