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Italy’s Sitip to Introduce New Technical Fabrics at ISPO 2015

Sitip, a high quality, innovative Italian warp knitter will feature its most recent collection of technical fabrics for the fall/winter 2016-17 season for performance active and swimwear at ISPO 2015, an international tradeshow for sports business.

Its first technical fabric, Microsense, offers a “soft sensual” feel while offering quick dry properties. Microsense in swimwear is highly resistent to clorine with creora highclo elastane, which provides a long-lasting fit.

The second innovation, Aqua Zero, is a unique blend of high perfomance water repellant technology when combined with the highclo elastane line of Hyosung’s spandex brand creora. Sitip explained that the technology “is for the pinnacle swimwear athlete who is looking for a level of performance that has never been achievable and treats his/her apparel as equipment for success.”

Eclipse, the third technology of the company’s new collection, is cool to the touch with a higher opacity to give whites an extra drop of modesty. Eclipse provides high UV protection, superior printability and a long-lasting fit for activewear and swimwear with creora highclo.