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Solvay and Lenzing Collaborate on New Blended Fabric

Solvay Group, a multi-specialty chemical company, and cellulosic fiber manufacturer Lenzing Group have developed an innovative two-faced fabric made of Tencel lyocell and Amni Soul Eco polyamide.

The companies said the new fabric responds to each company’s efforts to pursue more responsible innovation while offering performance, durability and comfort.

The back of the new fabric is made of Tencel Active lyocell fibers made from renewable, responsibly managed wood sources. The fabric’s front is enhanced by Solvay’s Amni Soul Eco, a polyamide 6.6 fiber with improved biodegradability.

While other polyamide fibers take decades to decompose, Amni Soul Eco branded fibers are designed to biodegrade in around five years when disposed of in well-controlled landfills, Solvay said. The company noted that this has been demonstrated by certified laboratory biodegradation tests.

The new material is also designed to further optimize the benefits the two fibers contribute. With the Tencel closest to the skin, its inherent softness and fiber structure that creates absorption and release of moisture contributes to fabric breathability and supports the body’s natural thermal regulation, the firms noted.

On the fabric face, Amni Soul Eco polyamide provides strong abrasion resistance, while boasting dimensional stability, color retention and enhanced drying speed.

“The combination of Tencel Active fibers, which is derived from renewable wood sources using sustainable production processes, and Solvay’s Amni Soul Eco polyamide fibers enhancing biodegradability results in a more sustainable, comfortable, easy care fabric that advances the concept of a circular economy,” Andreas Guertler, head of global business management for activewear at Lenzing, said. “Future collaborations with Solvay will focus on Tencel lyocell with Refibra technology, our newest fiber innovation made from upcycled cotton scraps and wood pulp, and Amni Soul Eco polyamide to further reduce our environmental impact.”

Daniela Antunes, business development manager at Solvay, said sustainability in fashion has to start from the beginning of the production chain, from the fibers involved in the creation of fabrics.

“Both Amni Soul Eco polyamide and Tencel lyocell fibers have already proved their responsible character,” Antunes said. “Combined together, they will lead to great results in terms of durability, comfort and performance, while helping to preserve the planet and its resources.”