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SPG Prints Launches New Range of Sublimation Inks with Wider Color Range

Beyond affording creatives more design freedom, digital textile printing can be more efficient and offer added capabilities over old-school printing, and the process has permeated the textile space.

In answer to growth in digital printing, SPGPrints, a leader in textile and graphics printing launched a new range of Nebula sublimation inks designed to “extend the realm” of high-quality digital printing.

The new inks, which Netherlands-based SPGPrints will showcase at FESPA Digital in Amsterdam this week (March 8-11), offer a wider color range, reduced manufacturing costs and high print quality, according to the company.

“In the last two years, sublimation printing has established a strong position in digital textile printing for fashion applications driven by the improved quality of polyester fabrics, making them suitable for fashion garments and acceptable to the major brands,” SPGPrints said in a statement.

Nebula Sublimation inks come in bright, sparkling colors and what the company calls “the best deep black available in the market.”

The inks are formulated for use of Kyocera print heads, so any printers incorporating those heads can benefit from the new Nebula range.

Part of the Nebula inks’ appeal, in today’s more conscious market, is the more environmentally friendly nature of sublimation printing. No post-processing like steaming or washing is necessary for the printing, and as a result, SPGPrints said, “Brands have, despite some limitations, accepted the quality of sublimation printing for their fashion articles.”