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Spinnova Stars in Icepeak Winter Olympic Collection

Sustainable textile company Spinnova and outdoor clothing brand Icepeak have worked together to create special touches to the Finnish Olympic Team’s outfit for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

The Finnish Olympic Team clothing is provided by Icepeak and it will include an over-the-shoulder-bag that is made of sustainable and circular Spinnova materials and created by Icepeak.

“The games bring different nations together to compete under mutual terms towards a shared goal,” Janne Poranen, CEO and co-founder of Spinnova, said. “In the spirit of this collaboration, we joined forces with Icepeak from Luhta Group to create a fully circular sports bag that demonstrates the versatility of our sustainable material.”

Previously, Spinnova has collaborated with a Norwegian outdoor brand to make a fully circular backpack, making this collaboration Spinnova’s second product in the accessories category. Spinnova is a new circular textile fiber made of sustainably sourced wood or waste, without harmful chemicals. It has been shown to produce 65 percent less CO2 emissions and use 99 percent less water than cotton production, and it does not contain any microplastics.

“We’ve been a partner of the Finnish Olympic Committee and official outfitter of the Finnish Olympic Team since 2016,” Tia Rantanen, sustainability director for Luhta Sportwear Company, said. “We have renewed our firm commitment to sustainability this year and it has been exciting to try out new materials that make the collection more sustainable. When these new materials are carried by Finland’s Olympic athletes, we have an opportunity to amplify this message and bring sustainability to the podium. We also look forward to using more [of] Spinnova’s materials at the Group level in the future.”

Spinnova said more products made of its materials are on the way as the company is in the process of scaling its material production. The first commercial-scale factory producing Spinnova fiber is expected to be completed at the end of 2022 via the joint venture that Spinnova has with its strategic partner and cellulose producer Suzano.

Spinnova’s long term business targets include reaching 1 million tons of annual Spinnova fiber production capacity in the next 10 to 12 years. Spinnova materials are quickly biodegradable and circular and the company is committed to using only sustainable raw materials such as FSC-certified wood and waste from sources including agriculture and textiles.