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Why Stahl’s Integrating This Leather-Finishing Subsidiary

Stahl, which manufactures ingredients for footwear, apparel and and home furnishings, announces plans to fully integrate its leather-finishing subsidiary, PielColor, into its core business by the end of 2021.

The move will see PielColor’s products and expertise brought entirely in house, strengthening Stahl’s offering to its customers while improving the visibility and reach of the PielColor brand, the Netherlands-based company said. Stahl acquired PielColor, which specializes in the manufacture and marketing of chemical products for leather finishing, in 2004.

In late 2020, the decision was taken to fully integrate PielColor, positioning it alongside Stahl as a core brand within the Stahl group. Full integration will strengthen Stahl’s position in the leather-finishing market by leveraging PielColor’s reputation and extensive range of innovative responsible chemistry solutions. Marketing PielColor as a Stahl group brand will also drive the visibility and market reach of PielColor products.

The integration program will continue to take place over the remainder of 2021, with all parts of the PielColor business expected to be fully operational under the new structure by the end of the year.

“PielColor has been adding tremendous value to the Stahl family for more than 15 years,” Xavier Rafols, group director for Pielcolor at Stahl, said. “Now it is time to take the next step by integrating PielColor fully into the group as a key brand alongside Stahl. I am convinced that this will deliver further long-term benefits for our business and our stakeholder community. I look forward to seeing PielColor’s unique form of responsible chemistry add value to even more customers and end-users around the world in the years ahead.”

Stahl has identified four areas of strategic importance to help it realize its goals–digital transformation, open innovation, renewable feedstocks and sustainable development. By focusing on these areas with its value chain partners, the company said it can deliver more value for its employees, customers, investors and society.