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Standard Fiber Expands in Las Vegas, Creora Bio-based Gets Production-Ready

Two large fiber manufacturers are making moves to grow their distribution and manufacturing capabilities.

Standard Fiber

In response to customer requests to provide onshoring and nearshoring resources for their freight-sensitive bedding products, Standard Fiber, a supplier to the home, hospitality and pet textile industries, has built a new filling facility and distribution center in Henderson, Nev.

The site is less than 20 miles from the company’s new showroom that opened last month in the Las Vegas Market Center. Standard Fiber’s 126,000-square-foot facility, which is built with the latest and most innovative manufacturing equipment providing high-speed, digitally controlled blending capabilities of up to three ingredients across different types of polyester and foam, will focus on filling and distributing higher-end blown polyester and foam filled pet beds and sleep pillows, as well as maternity and other specialty shaped pillows.

“Our number one priority is the success of our customers, who depend upon our innovative products, lower costs and faster fulfillment to optimize their inventories,” Standard Fiber CEO Sandy Gray said. “We recognized that many of our customers have challenges with relying solely on Asian manufacturing for their bulkier, filled bedding production. So, we’re thrilled to bring the next expansion of our global textile manufacturing network home to the United States for our partners who will benefit from our new localized capabilities.”

Standard Fiber’s new facility is strategically located to serve the large Las Vegas-based hospitality market, where its customers can benefit from local production and speedier product delivery. The company also emphasized its ability to collaborate with industry partners who only have East Coast-based filling operations, so they are able to optimize time and cost-savings benefits by leveraging Standard Fiber’s new West Coast fulfillment capabilities.

With offices and staff in the U.S., U.K., China, India and Pakistan, Standard Fiber is a home bedding products and textile manufacturing company and one of the largest producers of utility bedding products in the world.

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Two large fiber manufacturers are making moves to grow their distribution and manufacturing capabilities.
Creora bio-based spandex Courtesy

Hyosung TNC is set to commercialize its bio-derived spandex, Creora Bio-based, using a natural material extracted from corn instead of carbon-based materials.

Hyosung TNC will initially start production of the bio-based spandex at its production bases in South Korea, including facilities in Gumi, and then increase its production through global production bases, such as those in Vietnam.

In addition, the company aims to continuously increase the use of natural raw materials for its products through collaboration with global fashion brands.

“We will play a pivotal role as an industry leader by steadily developing the next-generation eco-friendly textiles, including biodegradable fiber,” Hyosung chairman Cho Hyun-joon said.

The company said commercializing the bio-based spandex reduces carbon emissions by 23 percent compared to conventional products. The Creora Bio-based spandex obtained an eco-friendly certificate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The corn-derived substance has long been used for general fibers, wrapping papers, cosmetics and liquid detergents, the company note, but not for high-functional textiles, such as spandex. In June, Creora Bio-based received the Eco Product Mark, a global eco-friendly certification, from SGS. The Eco Product Mark is awarded to products that use eco-friendly raw materials that are harmless to people and are produced in eco-friendly methods through ESG-oriented management.

“We will drastically expand the eco-friendly product business,” Hyun-joon added.