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SuitShop Prototypes 100% Biodegradable Suit

Suiting brand SuitShop on Tuesday announced the completion of its latest endeavor in sustainable fashion–a 100 percent biodegradable suit.

SuitShop co-founders Jeanne Foley and Diana Ganz have set their sights on making sustainability their top priority in 2022 as trough the post-pandemic wedding boom. The fully biodegradable suit, named The Earth Day Suit, is made from a non-dyed 100 percent linen and a Cupro vegan silk lining using no animal byproducts.

The thread is composed of 100 percent cotton and the buttons are Corozo, with a similar feel to ivory and constructed from palm tree seeds. At the end of its life, this special suit can be buried and its materials will compost back into the earth within 18 to 24 months.

The Earth Day Suit is the latest feat in SuitShop’s sustainability efforts in 2022. The brand kicked off the year with the launch of the “Eco Stretch” fabric, initially introduced with the release of four new spring colors, that will soon be incorporated into its entire collection of suits. Eco Stretch fabric is made from a 38 percent polyester recyclable material, woven with threads created from approximately 25 plastic bottles per suit.

“We see the suits we offer as core fashion staples that can be reworn countless times to a variety of events,” Foley and Ganz said. “However, we realize that what happens to the suit after it is discarded is just as important as its reusability. The Earth Day Suit is our response. Our Eco Stretch fabric is a stride toward ensuring our suits’ initial construction is also green.”

SuitShop is a direct-to-consumer suiting company offering gender-inclusive suits and tuxedos. With a large size range, SuitShop outfitting is sold for less than the average cost of a traditional rental. This female-founded company has helped more than 100,000 customers since it opened in 2016.