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First Digital Supima Design Lab Event Set for Instagram Live

Supima will present the third annual Supima Design Lab in its first all-digital format on Oct. 8, livestreaming the event on its Instagram account along with Fashion Network.

The Supima Design Lab will bring together a select group of up-and-coming and top designers from around the world. This year’s Supima Design Lab will showcase exclusive collections designed using American-grown Supima cotton featuring designs by the winner and finalists of the 2020 Supima Design Competition as well as the selection of the 2020 Hyères Fashion & Photography Festival.

Created exclusively for the Supima Design Lab, each design showcases the range of creativity possible using fabrics made with Supima cotton. Stemming from a commitment to design, sustainable innovation and superior quality, Supima is dedicated to its ongoing programs that create platforms for designers to express themselves despite the challenges of Covid-19.

This year’s digital runway show will present “Made with Supima” exclusive designs by the winner and finalists of the 13th annual Supima Design Competition. They are this year’s winner, Amanda Forastieri of  Drexel University, and finalists  Sakura Mizutani of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Jenny Feng of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jennie Nguyen of Kent State University, Terrence Zho of Parsons School of Design and Kyra Buenviaje of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Finalists of 35th International Festival of Fashion, Fashion Photography and Accessories of Hyères featured include Katarzyna Agnieszka (France), Andrea Grossi (Italy), Aline Boubert (France), Marvin M’Toumo (France), Xavier Brisoux (France), Maximilian Rittler (Belgium), Emma Bruschi (France), Céline Shen (France), Timour Desdemoustier (Belgium) and Tom van der Borght (Belgium).

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As a special addition to this year’s Supima Design Lab, there will be a roundtable orchestrated by Benjamin Simmenauer, permanent professor at Institut Français de la Mode. The roundtable includes a select panel of industry leaders for an in-depth discussion of the Supima Design Lab, from the fields to the runway. This year’s panelists include Jean-Pierre Blanc, founder of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories of Hyères; Godfrey Deeny, International Editor-in-Chief at Fashion Network; Marc Lewkowitz, president and CEO of Supima, and Buxton Midyette, Supima’s vice president of marketing and promotions.

“We are truly honored to continue working with our SDC Partner School finalists, the selection from the Festival de Hyères and our Leading Designer group,” Midyette said. “During the pandemic, we knew it was more important than ever to stay nimble and shift the Supima Design Lab into a virtual format to support these emerging designers achieving success in the fashion industry.”

Founded in 1954, the Supima brand, short for “Superior Pima,” designates an elite variety of pima cotton sustainably grown only in the West and the Southwestern U.S.