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Polyamide Maker Ascend Launches ReDefyne Recycled Materials

Ascend Performance Materials has introduced ReDefyne, a portfolio of sustainable polyamides created with up to 100 percent pre- and post-consumer recycled polyamide 66 or 6 to provide a low carbon footprint and reliable performance for applications including durable apparel.

“We are focused on helping our customers meet their long-term sustainability goals with innovative, reliable products,” said Steve Manning, Ascend’s senior director for engineered materials. “ReDefyne combines our expertise from Poliblend with our integrated operations and our global application-development expertise to produce a recycled polyamide that performs in areas recycled materials have typically been ruled out of.”

Based in Italy, Poliblend by Ascend is a global group operating in the plastics industry. ReDefyne products are third-party certified and Ascend is also partnering with ITW Global Fasteners to pilot blockchain traceability through the Plastic Finder’s Certified Circular Plastic program.

“With ReDefyne, ITW is producing fasteners with a considerably lower carbon footprint,” said Christelle Staller, Ascend’s sales director for EMEAI (Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India). “ITW and Ascend both believe that sustainability requires accountability and are excited to pilot Certified Circular Plastic’s blockchain traceability program.”

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Ascend, a fully integrated producer of durable materials, is focused on reducing its products’ carbon footprint, having announced a commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2030 and two new milestones announced earlier this month. In October, Ascend Performance Materials made its global compounding operations carbon neutral, making it among the first polyamide producers to decarbonize a substantial part of its operations, and it has secured ISCC+ certification for the use of bio-based materials.

Ascend will be showcasing its sustainability efforts and new products, including ReDefyne, HiDura MED and its new e-mobility solutions, under its “Advancing Together” theme at K 2022, a trade fair for plastics ad rubber, Oct. 19-26 October in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Based in Houston, with regional offices in Shanghai, Brussels and Detroit, Ascend is a fully integrated material solutions provider with global manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to apparel, it manufacturers materials used to make safer vehicles, cleaner energy, better medical devices, smarter appliances and consumer goods.