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Swisstex Direct: A World Leader in Sustainable Knit Fabric Dyeing and Finishing

As one of the world’s most technologically advanced dyeing and finishing operations, Swisstex Direct offers a one-stop solution with competitive pricing, superb quality and responsive customer service.

Their expertise in knit fabrics extends to meticulous product development for the apparel and medical fabric industries. And Swisstex Direct is always ready to meet marketplace demands by creating original designs through research and anticipating color, construction and content trends.

Swisstex Direct is wholly committed to protecting the planet for future generations by implementing new ways to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations. As a Bluesign System partner, it ensures its facilities meet industry standards of responsible and sustainable manufacturing, in addition to occupational health and consumer safety.

Its green corporate philosophy integrates a full range of earth-friendly production and business practices that reduce waste and save resources. The company’s California facility consumes half the energy as a comparable U.S. operation and even more when compared overseas. Swisstex Direct also works with a wide variety of sustainable fibers, such as organic and recycled cotton, biodegradable synthetics, and recycled polyester and nylon.

By joining the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, Swisstex Direct can ensure that the cotton fiber element of its supply chain is more sustainably grown with lower environmental and social risk. This eco-advantage is then passed on to its clients. In a day and age when customers are increasingly demanding ethically sourced and manufactured apparel, it’s crucial to deliver peace of mind that the products and clothes they purchase and wear are produced to a higher standard and efficiency.

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U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol – delivering peace of mind in today’s fabric and apparel industries

Through its third-party verification of grower performance, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol gives Swisstex Direct the ability to demonstrate that it is an approved supply chain partner for brands and retailers sourcing products made with more sustainably grown cotton.

Swisstex Direct can also use the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol’s metrics in its sustainability reporting, environmental, social and governance audits, as well as GRI standards compliance.

Aligned with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol brings quantifiable and verifiable goals and measurements to more sustainable cotton production with field-to-market sustainability credentials proven through the Fieldprint Measurement Analysis and Control Union Certifications.

It also drives continuous improvement in key sustainability metrics, including energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, soil health, water management, and land use.

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is a trusted and valuable asset for businesses like Swisstex Direct that provide total circular knitted fabric solutions to the global manufacturing community.

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