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Taiwan Textile Federation Launches Online Sustainable Product Series

To assist Taiwan’s textile industry further in expanding sustainable products to the global market, the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), with the support of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, has planned a three-episode online new product launch program.

TTF said as the textile industry faces increasing global pressure to make changes, Taiwan’s textile industry offers strong knowledge and expertise on material innovations to design and create sustainable fabrics using natural and recyclable materials.

The online program kicked off in March with a focus on technologies that turn waste into fabrics. A “Sustainable Textile Solutions Online New Product Launch: Recycling Waste” featured FENC’s TopGreen ChemCycle process, which brings hard-to-recycle PET products back to life through special chemical treatments, and Foremost Group, which uses pineapple leaf to produce Nupelle vegan leather.

Also bowing was G-Fun Industrial Corp.’s OneShell that makes sure everything in a jacket, from fabric to TPU membrane to accessories, are recyclable; Libolon, which operates a garment recycling program that recycles used polyester and reproduces sustainable raw material, and Super Textile Corporation, which creates biodegradable fabrics by combining pineapple leaf fiber and recycled PET bottles.

To assist its textile industry to market its sustainable products, the Taiwan Textile Federation planned a three-episode online program.
Panex’s jacket made from recycled yarn and recycled fabric of oyster shells. Courtesy

This month, TTF will take a tour to show how textile companies turn their manufacturing process green, and in May, the organization will walk through the latest concepts of circular fashion developed by textile manufacturers and how it transforms consumer purchases and consumption habits.

TTF said it has been working to promote Taiwan’s eco textiles to establish the island’s leading position in that market after the successful precedent in the area of functional textiles. The core competencies of Taiwan’s textile industry lie in its research and development, technology and innovation, according to TTF, which said the industry is constantly introducing its new eco textile developments that combine high-tech, ecology, function and life aesthetics.

Taiwan’s textile industry is equipped with an integrated value chain and the aim now is to establish itself as “the pivotal sourcing hub for innovative, sustainable and intelligent textiles,” TTF said.