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Talon Introduces High-Quality Fashion Bonding Division

Talon International Inc. has launched a new bonding division, with technology suitable for various categories within the apparel industry, as well applications for outdoor products and automotive.

Talon’s existing portfolio includes zippers, trim, stretch technologies, packaging, anticounterfeit solutions and sustainability solutions. The California company said it identified a gap in the market for high-quality adhesive films and high levels of technical support in the field.

Following detailed industry research, speaking with existing and new clients, product development and testing processes, Talon unveiled solutions that it says deliver comfort and performance, and water resistance and seamless applications. The product line features “Flex-It” adhesive and overlay films, as well as seam sealing tapes.

“We are dedicated to constant iteration and innovation to provide our existing and prospective clients with products that move the needle in the quality of finished products to create excellent customer experiences,” said Larry Dyne, Talon International CEO.

Designed for comfort and performance, the Flex-It films range features a spandex film secured between two adhesive layers for elasticity, strength and durability. Ideal for lingerie and undergarments, active and athleisure, as well as outerwear, multiple Flex-It films variations are available.

The seamless adhesive film range was introduced to maintain premium softness, flexibility and support, while providing high-performance throughout the life of the garment, the company said.

“With the ability to bond fabrics, waterproofing, creating breathable barriers, and spider web adhesives, the line is perfect for sportswear, athleisure, shapewear and undergarments,” said Abhijeet Majumdar, Talon director of bonding.

When it comes to innovating apparel for workwear, skiing, hiking and outerwear, as well as tents, backpacks and luggage, water resistant Seam Sealing Tape films offers options for two- and thee-layer tapes, and colored and printed tapes that increase the water-resistant properties and durability of seams.

To fill a void found within these various applications and use cases, Overlay film provides garments with safety, security and durability against shrinking and stretching over time. With a wide range of colors and options available, the film can be applied to many material variants including zippers, bag flaps, elastic bands, woven and knitted garments for compression and waterproofing.