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Teijin Launches New Natural Leather Substitute

Starting this spring Teijin Cordley, the man-made leather business that’s part of Japanese Teijin Group, will be selling its newly developed natural leather substitute.

Dubbed Maestley, the company said the new high-grade leather substitute is akin to true leather in texture and richness.

“Prices for high-grade natural leathers like calf and kip are rapidly increasing in line with rising demand, while supplies in developed countries are decreasing,” Teijin noted in a statement. “New man-made leather products with superior texture and other attributes are being developed to meet such demand.”

Teijin Cordley developed Maestley using innovative developments in fiber selection, non-woven structures, material density and lamination methods. To expand the Maestley series, the company said it will work with Japanese tanners on natural leather processing procedures and on a new series of products made to feel like natural leather because they’ll be made using the same production process as natural leather.

The leather will come with improved comfort, durability, breathability and moisture permeability as Teijin Cordley leverages the advanced man-made leather production technologies it has already used for making high-end shoes and bags.

Teijin Group specializes in high-performance fibers and the company posted 786.2 billion yen ($6.6 billion) in consolidated sales for the fiscal year ended Mar. 31, 2015.