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Tencel Luxe Stars in Sustainable Designer Collections

The Lenzing Group has supported London-based designers Osman Yousefzada and Peet Dullaert in bringing more sustainable, high-end creations to the market.

The two creatives are featuring fabrics made of Tencel Luxe branded lyocell filament yarn in their new collections. Since launching in 2017, Tencel Luxe filament yarn has received positive response across the luxury apparel sector, Lenzing said, providing a vegan alternative to silk that is biodegradable and offers a luxurious touch.

“High-end brands show a growing appetite for sustainable alternatives that cater to environmentally conscious consumers wanting to make a difference,” Vineet Singhal, vice president of global business unit Noble Fibers at Lenzing, said. “Our partnerships with fashion houses are diversifying, from established brands to up-and-coming designers expressing interest to use our filament yarn, which is a further evidence that Tencel Luxe is answering the industry’s need for sustainability-driven innovations and circular solutions to propel the eco-fashion revolution.”

The Lenzing Group has supported London-based designers Osman Yousefzada and Peet Dullaert in bringing the sustainable creations to market.
From the Tencel Luxe Launch event at Paris Fashion Week. Courtesy

Yousefzada crafted a collection featuring 15 pieces made with Tencel Luxe at a show called “What Happened to Last Season’s Collection?” at London Fashion Week, inviting the audience to a journey into biodegradable clothing, exploring the path from nature to garment and back to nature.

The designer selected a variety of fabric qualities made of Tencel Luxe filament, ranging from crepe georgette and jersey to hand-loomed organza to demonstrate the filament’s versatility.

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“We need to let go of an all-or-nothing attitude to sustainability and just try to do better,” Yousefzada said. “Tencel is peerless when it comes to sustainable fabric innovation and the new Tencel Luxe filament is utterly remarkable in its comparability to silk. I was amazed by the versatility of the yarn to be blended with other noble fibers and filaments, allowing an infinite scope for designers and brands to be more sustainable without compromising on luxury, quality or possibility.”

The opportunity to work with Tencel Luxe represents Osman’s mission to adopt sustainable materials and practices. The designer revealed his collection during London Fashion Week on Sept. 20 at Amazónico.

The Lenzing Group has supported London-based designers Osman Yousefzada and Peet Dullaert in bringing the sustainable creations to market.
Peet Dullaert Spring-Summer 2022 Courtesy

Peet Dullaert, creative director of his namesake label, has been a collaborator with Tencel Luxe since the beginning. In line with his mission to bring responsible alternatives for luxury fashion into the mainstream, each of his collection’s designs is handcrafted to embrace modern posture, comfort and body movement.

“The origins of Tencel Luxe [are] fascinating and inspiring to me, one filament at the base of it all, created in such a revolutionary and sustainable way,” said Dullaert, whose creative studio is now based in London following a move from Paris earlier this year. “What I feel connects us with Tencel is our dedication and focus on responsible and modern design with forward-thinking savoir-faire, and our partnership enables us to create a better world together.”

Dullaert opted for a digital launch as part of his sustainability strategy, revealing his designs virtually on Oct. 8, right after Paris Fashion Week.

Tencel Luxe is expanding its portfolio globally, having repeatedly appeared in collections by Italian designer Flavia La Rocca and lingerie master Jos Berry from Concepts Paris. Through Lenzing’s partnership with Red Carpet Green Dress, Tencel Luxe has also made appearances at the Oscars with gowns created by Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood.