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Textile Roundup: Taylor Takes Two, New Color System Bows, Sympatex Makes the Functional Jacket 4.0

A sustainable fabric duet plays at Taylor Home & Fashions, Ascential and CITC launch Coloro, and Sympatex creates the functional jacket 4.0.

Taylor Home & Fashions

Taylor Home & Fashions has produced two new fabrics with a distinct sustainability bent.

The company entered into a joint venture with Sunvim Group Co., one of the largest home textile companies in China, to produce its collections of home and fashion fabrics. Taylor Home & Fashion’s new fabrics–Eco- mélange and GiDelave–were highlighted at the recent Kingpins New York show.

Gary Frenchman, vice president of Taylor Home & Fashions, said, “Our sustainable products lend to the apparel world, as well, as our new techniques are done in the yarn, which allows us to weave all types of soft textiles for apparel and home, including, wovens for tops and bottoms, jersey knits and sweater knits.”

The collections are meant to address the industry’s need and consumer call to reduce water use and waste and to be more energy efficient, Frenchman noted.

Eco-mélange is produced through a waterless coloring method for fabric that’s able to be bleached, and saves on effluence and energy. The result creates a heather effect in soft hues.

GiDelave simulates an Indigo in various colors without using chemical washes. It doesn’t have the crocking and staining problems associated with indigo dye, has a comparable 95 percent and effluence savings and uses 50 percent less energy.


There’s a new color system in fashion town.

Ascential, a global B2B media company, and China Textile Information Center are launching Coloro, a new color system that unleashes creativity by decoding color as the human eye sees it.

With scientific innovation led by CTIC, Coloro uses logical codes and intuitive design to ensure fashion and textile professionals get the precise color they want. Coloro is based on a 3-D color model that defines color based on a distinct seven-digit code representing the point where hue, lightness and chroma intersect, the companies noted.

Of the potential 1.6 million colors available in that system, 3,500 have been selected for showcase in the Coloro products based on global input from trend forecasters at WGSN, color experts at CTIC and creative and fashion industry leaders.

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An Ascential company, WGSN is a trend authority operating in some 94 countries offering consumer insights, fashion and lifestyle forecasting, data analytics, crowd-sourced design validation and expert advisory services.

The Colora product, comprising physical and digital tools, and a comprehensive consulting program, provides a new dimension of color intelligence. The digital tool, Coloro Workspace, launching in June, is set to open a new level of creative potential by changing the digital experience of working with color, the companies noted.

CTIC is the central national-level research institution in the textile industry in China. CTIC’s main products and services are business and technology information and solution, support and promotion of textile product development through the “Fabrics China” project, quality testing and corporate social responsibility, publishing and consulting services.

“There is opportunity to add massive value to the fashion industry by improving color decisions and making color communication consistent and accurate,” Detlev Pross, leader of the Coloro launch at CTIC, said. “Coloro combines color science, color technology and consumer research to dramatically change how creative professionals work with color across industry functions, from creatives to supply chain to strategists, improving workflow at every step.”

Sympatex Technologies introduces functional jacket 4.0

Sympatex Technologies investigated the question, “How do you imagine the ultimate functional jacket 4.0” during a recent two-day design hackathon together with a group of 20 outdoor bloggers and influencers. The answer: attractive style and individual coloring, as well as numerous design gadgets combined with functional materials meeting the highest ecological requirements.

David Bacci, extreme mountaineer and Greenpeace activist, as well as Joe Stocker, clothing designer, supported the “closed loop meets textile industry 4.0” project as mentors and experts. The “functional jacket 4.0” will be presented at the Sympatex booth at OutDoor 2017, June 18 to 21 in Munich, Germany.

End consumers can purchase the functional jacket on starting June 18. They’ll have the opportunity to configure their personal jacket from different color samples and design elements.

The jacket is made from 100 percent recycled laminate from the Sympatex portfolio. The 100 percent recycled outer fabrics and linings consist of polyester fibers certified by Global Recycled Standard and Bluesign. The jacket is also made with a digital printing, which achieves reduced water consumption, and is fully recyclable and can be spun into new fibers at the end of its wear time with the help of an upcycling procedure. Sympatex provides a return label inside the jacket for that purpose.

“We are not going to produce an own collection in the future, but we want to give an example of all already available opportunities that can be implemented already today in terms of ecology,” said Rüdiger Fox, CEO of Sympatex. “This project combines highest clothing performance and fashion style with at the same time optimized sustainability and we invite the entire industry to replicate these technological opportunities unscrupulously that are available already today.”