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The Company Store Unveils 2022 Comfort Report on Key Home Trends

The Company Store, an online retailer of textiles and home decor products, released its first “Comfort Report,” outlining key elements and trends based on the retailer’s extensive consumer research, alongside insights from its experts in conjunction with the brand’s 110th anniversary.

The report from the luxury bedding and home goods brand unveils shoppable, data-driven trends such as patterns, colors and sustainable fabrics ahead of the 2022 holiday season. The Company Store’s long heritage and product expertise has positioned the brand as a market leader spearheading innovation, identifying trends and ensuring a deep understanding of what Americans are passionate about when it comes to their homes.

“The Company Store has been a go-to for generations of fans who rely on the quality of our products and look to our innovative designs to personalize their homes with comfort,” CEO Corinne Bentzen said. “Our Comfort Report highlights where we see this industry going in the foreseeable future and how we’re creating products to meet those trends.”

In addition to providing a behind-the-scenes look at how people will continue to build comfort and connection at home in 2022, the report features new consumer preferences and behavior data relevant to home decor and textiles, much of which has shifted during the pandemic.

The report surmised that sustainable materials are driving purchase decisions. When they shop, it said, Americans are seeking materials made from premium goods that are ethically sourced and make them feel good about their purchase and its reduced impact on the environment.

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Textiles made from recycled down and eco-friendly materials like Tencel Lyocell will pique interest in the coming years, with shoppers looking for specific national and global sourcing qualifications before they buy, the report said. A substantial 87 percent of Americans describe sustainability as a key purchasing decision factor when shopping for their bedroom, including a 96 percent of those under 30 years old.

The report also found that consumers aren’t willing to compromise on high-quality standards from their trusted brands, with 81 percent of U.S. women saying they would rather buy something built to last, while 74 percent of U.S. men said the same.

The Comfort Report stressed that throughout 2022, holiday celebrations will be revived as friends and families plan to celebrate together to build traditions through comfort and connection–73 percent said they want to make up for time lost with loved ones during the pandemic, but 69 percent of consumers in the survey said their homes aren’t fully ready for guests this holiday season.

The Comfort Report’s key trends include sustainability; pets as part of the family; and tradition, patterns and colors. Sales expectations fitting the bill are expected to include the retailer’s Company Conscious down alternative comforter, Legends Hotel relaxed linen duvet cover, Legends Hotel regal Egyptian cotton bath towels and the LaCrosse pet sleeping bag.