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Raft of New Products Offer Eco Insulation

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Fiber insulation companies are aiming to help wearers stay warm with a slew of product introductions. The Lycra Company has debuted Thermolite EcoMade fiber made from 100 percent textile waste, while Gordini has partnered with Thindown by NIPI (Natural Insulation Products Inc.) to bring its patented down fabric insulation to gloves. Finisterre, meanwhile, has unveiled its first “fully circular” jacket.

Thermolite EcoMade

Thermolite EcoMade’s new warming technology involves recycling textile waste from cutting room floors that would have been sent to a landfill or incinerated and transforming it into high-performance fibers for insulation.

Fabric scraps collected from garment makers go through a four-step process–depolymerization and refining, chip manufacture, fiber formation and batting and insulation production–before becoming a finished product.

“Our new textile waste fiber can be used in unique batting constructions to deliver outstanding warming performance infused with unparalleled sustainable attributes,” said Arnaud Ruffin, vice president of brands and retail at Lycra Company. “We are initially promoting the fiber in two versions of insulation, thin-loft and mid-loft battings, each made with at least 85 percent recycled fibers, including 50 percent or more Thermolite fiber made from recycled PET bottles and at least 35 percent made from the new textile waste product.”


Thindown will be featured in eight new Gordini styles for Fall. The brand will also expand upon product offerings utilizing its signature Clutch synthetic leather in the collection.

Gordini established an exclusive partnership with Thindown in the glove category to bring its consumers new performance benefits. Thindown is a premium goose down fabric that eliminates the need for quilting, thereby reducing seaming and cold spots and allowing for full-coverage insulation.

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The Lycra Company launched Thermolite EcoMade fiber and Gordini partnered with Thindown by NIPI to bring its down insulation to gloves.
Gordini’s Thindown gloves. Courtesy

Breathable, water-repellent and machine washable, Thindown’s proprietary construction enables twice the warmth as loose down without adding bulk. The down fabric is made in Italy and exclusively uses traced down that is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified.

“Establishing a partnership with Thindown was important not only because of its superior product performance, but also as a company committed to responsible innovation and development,” said David Gellis, Gordini president. “Whereas we are always striving to offer our customers the best in glove technology, the fact that Thindown was born out of the ethical dilemma of down production and working conditions is incredibly meaningful to us. With our new Fall ’22 product developments, we feel that Gordini is defining the new warm standard in cold-weather gear.”

New Gordini styles featuring Thindown include the Radiator Mitt, built for the harshest extremes of outdoor adventures, which is made with a Bluesign-approved shell, water-resistant Clutch synthetic leather palm, fingers and trim, Thindown insulation, Lavawool fleece lining and Gore-Tex waterproof protection. The Foundation and Foundation Mitt offer Bluesign-approved shell and lining, Clutch leather palm, fingers and trim, as well as a waterproof, windproof and breathable insert and Thindown insulation.  The Simplex is a lightweight, performance favorite with Bluesign-approved shell and lining fabrics suitable for cross-country skiing and everyday use with a packable layer of Thindown insulation, Clutch palm and finger area, a moisture-wicking liner and printed silicone grip for added dexterity.

Gordini’s system styles, the Elias Gauntlet and Elias Gauntlet Mitt, have been updated with Thindown insulation. New lifestyle product offerings with Thindown include the Fayston for men and women, featuring a Bluesign-approved lining, Clutch synthetic leather shell and a moisture-wicking lining, and the Sherpa Mitt for women that has a cozy Sherpa fleece shell, Clutch palm, finger area and trim, as well as waterproof and windproof protection.


The Lycra Company launched Thermolite EcoMade fiber and Gordini partnered with Thindown by NIPI to bring its down insulation to gloves.
Finesterre’s Biosmock Courtesy

British outdoor brand Finisterre has launched its first “fully circular” jacket.

Built as a practical insulated outerwear piece, the Biosmock can be layered beneath a waterproof jacket or worn on its own as an outer shell, providing warmth and comfort in all conditions. Constructed with a PrimaLoft Bio compostable shell, renewable and traceable HD Wool Apparel insulation and biodegradable fasteners, the entire jacket is designed to break down safely at the end of its life.

“We worked closely with the team at HD Wool to source and incorporate HD Wool Apparel insulation into the Biosmock design,” said A. Todd, lead designer at Finisterre. “Wool’s natural heat retention and breathability makes it an excellent insulator, as well as being renewable. Furthermore, through the Woolkeepers initiative, consumers are able to trace the jacket’s insulation back to the four individual farms in the Southwest of England that supplied the wool, providing full traceability and accreditation from farm to Finisterre.”

The HD Wool Apparel insulation QR code on the Biosmock hangtag will link consumers to the farm that supplied the wool for the garment. Through the Woolkeepers quality assurance and sourcing program, HD Wool Apparel insulation offers a complete solution to meet the growing demand among brands, retailers and consumers for natural fibers and traceability. It supports responsible farming and animal welfare, paying a fair price for wool, and nurturing a community of growers on the journey toward regenerative agriculture–a sustainability initiative that builds soil fertility, sequesters carbon, improves watersheds and supports biodiversity by properly managing livestock.