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There’s a New Recycled Polyester Yarn on the Scene

Synthetic fiber maker Trevira has launched a new brand called Sinfineco, its first range of recycled polyester yarns that meet the Global Recycled Standard and the GCS-NL recycled claim standard.

Trevira, owned by Indorama Venture of Thailand, said the filament yarns are made in its German spinning mills from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled polymers derived recycled granulate from PET bottles supplied by its parent company.

The company joins several fiber manufacturers that have created a range of branded recycled polyester fibers, such as Unifi’s Repreve and Sinterama’s Newlife, and is looking to capitalize on the overall heightened demand for more sustainable synthetic materials.

As an industrial enterprise, Trevira said it is conscious of its responsibility to help protect the environment and has long advocated for the recycling of valuable raw materials and waste products.

“We at Trevira wish to preserve the environment and at the same time work to create value,” said Klaus Holz, chief executive officer of Trevira. “These are the criteria of our sustainability concept.”

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In the area of sustainability, the company said, “In fiber production, a small proportion of tow cannot be used for converting. Instead of selling this material as waste, it is cut up, pressed into balls and then carded and combed by a partner and incorporated into polyester wool blends primarily used in corporate wear and uniforms.

The company spins regranulate made by Indorama from bottle flakes into filament yarns consisting of 100 percent recycled material and the recycled chips. Fibers and filaments from Indorama bear the GRS and RCS-NL certification marks. Alongside technical applications, they are used in the automotive and apparel sectors, with other applications in development.

Trevira GmbH is a manufacturer of branded fibers and filament yarns for technical applications and hygiene products, as well as for home textiles, automotive interiors and functional apparel. Its two production sites and a marketing and sales office with about 1,100 employees are located in Germany, supported by an international marketing and sales organization. In 2016, the company had sales of about 230 million euros ($269 million).