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The Cotton Supply Chain Wins When Innovation and Quality US Cotton Come Together

Innovation is the driver of growth in any category and any company in the world. But, innovation in cotton has been on the back burner in favor of synthetic fabrics for too long.

To combat competition from synthetics and increase market share for U.S. cotton, Cotton Council International (CCI) created a new initiative to pave the way for innovation called WHAT’S NEW IN COTTON?™. The mission of this program is to inspire every corner of the textile business to think about new ways to use U.S. cotton and ultimately to specify more U.S. cotton in their products.

But where do we begin?

We know that U.S. cotton has a longstanding reputation for comfort and softness.

We know consumers want more from their everyday performance wear.

Combining natural U.S. cotton fiber with innovative technology can elevate the functionality of a tried-and-true everyday staple in activewear, an apparel category with a large market share of synthetic fibers. Illustrating the possibilities available with U.S. cotton fiber, we combined U.S. cotton with the revolutionary FDA-Determined Medical Device Celliant to create the first yoga pants and shirts that improve blood flow for faster recovery times while being super comfortable.

The premium value and quality of cotton from the U.S. enhances the appeal of these concepts with consumers—that’s why we’ll continue to bring new promotional displays like this to the forefront to inspire innovation across the industry.

But innovation for the sake of innovation isn’t enough. We also must ensure that we are using premium, quality cotton preferred by consumers around the world. A recent global consumer study conducted in the major consumer markets of the world shows that 80 percent of consumers prefer clothing and home goods that have the COTTON USA™ Mark over generic cotton. Preference is so high that two thirds of consumers said they would pay more for a product with the COTTON USA™ Mark rather than a generic cotton mark.

Brands, retailers and manufacturers that use 50 percent U.S. cotton or more in their products have the benefit of using the COTTON USA™ Mark on packaging. Pairing innovative technologies with quality U.S. cotton adds value to our customers’ business. When mills, manufacturers, brands and retailers want strong, consistent and uniform fibers—they turn to COTTON USA. The entire U.S. cotton industry is proud to create cotton fiber that is preferred for quality, consistency and innovation and is truly “The Cotton The World Trusts.”

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COTTON USA is dedicated to providing the entire supply chain with networking opportunities, ongoing education, and the latest research and technological innovations as part of the premium value we are proud to offer to the entire industry.

Cotton Council International (CCI), the export promotion arm of National Cotton Council of America, is a non-profit trade association that promotes U.S. cotton fiber and manufactured cotton products around the globe with our COTTON USA™ Mark. We’re dedicated to spreading the message of how our family farmers are employing innovative precision agriculture techniques that allow them to use less water and pesticides, for a kinder, greener world. It’s just one more reason why COTTON USA is the Cotton The World Trusts. Look closer at COTTON USA. We think you’ll like what you see. Click here to learn more.