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USCTP and Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. Work Together for Continuous Improvement

The commitment to the good usage of water is an indication of the importance that an industry gives to sustainability.

The U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol sets a new standard for more sustainably grown cotton from the United States. It brings quantifiable and verifiable goals and measurement to sustainable cotton production and drives continuous improvement in key sustainability metrics.

Textile companies like Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. are part of this standard because they know that the planet’s future depends on the good practices that we do today.

Established in 1996 in Georgia, Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. is the leading supplier of fine-count yarns in the United States, producing a variety of yarns for customers in North and South America. More than 100 employees have frequent training and education to keep their skills updated.

By the year 2000, Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. doubled its capacity in ring spinning and diversified its products to primarily enter the knit market.

In 2017, Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. was acquired by Samil Spinning of Korea; these companies shared the same passion for quality, service and innovation. Both Samil and Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. can provide an incredible list of yarn products and services.

Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. is committed to an ecologically sound power supply, and they are proud to be able to conserve energy by using an electrical monitoring system and efficient electric motors in their plants. By consistently modernizing their equipment, they have maintained both efficiency and environmental sustainability, especially prioritizing the protection of local animal populations.

Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. chooses only the best raw materials and utilizes them according to the highest environmental standards.

Cotton Trust Protocol members will be working with participating growers to help drive continuous improvement among six key elements of sustainability: land use, soil carbon, water management, soil loss, greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency.

As a participant in the U. S. Trust Protocol, mills like Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. can get the critical assurances they need to prove to their customers that the cotton yarns they produce and sell are more sustainably grown and with lower environmental and social risks.

Caring about the quality and protecting the environment are actions that go hand in hand.

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