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Ventile Launches Eco 300 Line of Recycled Cotton Fabric

Technical textile manufacturer Ventile has launched an innovative Ventile Eco 300 fabric, the fifth product launch from the brand in a year.

The Ventile Eco 300 fabric boasts 100 percent recycled cotton fibers and is spun to create an Oxford weave that comprises more than 40 strands per centimeter in the warp. Such a weave gives the fabric a high level of water repellence, making the new line suitable for outerwear and overcoats.

Developed in response to consumer demand, the new fabric, reuses existing natural cotton resources. In addition, the launch will also bridge the weight gap between the Ventile Eco 250 and the 2019 launch, Ventile Eco 400.

The fabric will be available to order in two colorways–olive and black navy, with no minimum order quantities. The density of the fabric means that the coloration process is achievable by only a select number of dye houses and has been developed to a backdrop of stringent controls, the company said.

Ventile Eco 300 will also be available as part of the bespoke color selection service where Ventile works with designers to produce special colors designed to fit within a brand’s collection.

“In a year when we announced unprecedented growth of our Eco range, we can now also say that we have grown the number of fabrics available in the collection,” Ventile marketing manager Daniel Odermatt said. “Here at Ventile, it is important that we offer a range of options to designers and brands so that they can make decisions based on what consumers are asking for. The launch of Eco 300 shows just what we can do with our Eco collection.”

In 2006, Ventile produced its first eco fabric, Ventile L24 Organic. As interest grew in sustainable fabric offerings, so did the range of fabrics available for designers.

The Ventile Eco range now comprises of 14 different fabrics and accounts for over 50 percent of the brand’s sales. Ventile recently became a PFC-free company in response to the growing demand for sustainable practices in the textile business.