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Polartec Power Shield Raises the Bar for Bio-based Waterproof Fabrics

Perhaps more than other textiles, the weather protection category has come with significant performance trade-offs: breathability, stretch and sustainable materials or waterproof effectiveness. However, Polartec’s newly launched Polartec™ Power Shield® has cracked the code to truly have it all.

With more than 100 years of fabric innovations under its belt, Polartec has begun ramping up innovations and testing the limits with its new fabric.


Polartec Power Shield is Polartec’s first waterproof fabric to test more than 20,000 millimeters in the hydrostatic pressure test (ISO 811) for waterproofness and more than 20,000 grams per square meters per day moisture vapor transmission rating for breathability (JIS L1099, B1). 

However, expedition-level performance is only half the story. Powering this result is a next-level non-PFAS monolithic membrane made from 48 percent plant-based content—derived from materials that don’t compete with human food sources, according to the Polartec team. Using molecular diffusion—rather than micropores—the Power Shield membrane moves water vapor from the inside out, enabling breathability while maintaining a barrier against outside moisture.

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Because the membrane has no pores that can become clogged it  maintains its effectiveness over time. 

Working in concert with this technology is a potent non-PFAS DWR (durable water protection) treatment. Part of a company-wide effort that began 2017 to convert their entire fabric range to non-PFAS ingredients, Polartec Power Shield is the final fabric to achieve this important milestone—and with no performance loss.

Fabric of the future

Polartec had more ambitious goals than just breathability and weather protection.


What also sets Polartec Power Shield apart is its industry-leading softness, hand, quietness and stretch. Applied to either knit or woven fabrics, this premium experience elevates the wearing occasion, from city to summit or the journey in between.

Whether consumers need a garment for cycling up and down mountain passes, climbing multi-day expeditions, skiing the backcountry or just making their way through city streets, Polartec Power Shield provides unmatched comfort and protection—even during the most extreme downpour.

The days of compromising between performance, sustainability and comfort are over. Breathable, waterproof and bio-based, Polartec Power Shield is the future of weather protection.

Polartec Power Shield is available now to manufacturers and makers and will debut in market-ready products offering multiple capabilities beginning Fall 2023.

Click here to learn more about Polartec and its new fabric, Polartec Power Shield.