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We aRe SpinDye Inks Production Deal with Björn Borg

We aRe Spin Dye (WRSD) and the Björn Borg Group have entered into a collaboration agreement that paves the way to jointly reduce the environmental impact from dyeing textiles when producing the latter’s collections.

The companies said the agreement includes levels of cooperation and a plan for the implementation of WRSD’s technology in producing Björn Borg apparel. It also lays the foundation for potential long-term collaboration.

“From WRSD’s perspective, Björn Borg is a brand with a product range that fits exceptionally well with WRSD’s offering,” Andreas Andrén, CEO of WRSD, said.

We aRe Spin Dye is a Swedish cleantech company that provides a technology platform for production and quality control that enables fashion and apparel manufacturers and brands to significantly curb their environmental impact. The company’s business concept is focused on establishing a new, sustainable and transparent standard for dyeing synthetic textiles for the fashion and apparel industry.

The We aRe SpinDye-coloring method focuses on the coloration of the recycled material before it is extruded to fiber and spun into yarn. By melting color pigments and the recycled polyester mass together, homogenously colored yarns are created, without the use of water. We aRe SpinDye works exclusively with recycled polyester made from post-consumer water bottles, or wasted clothing.

“With sustainability as one of three focus areas for our operations, we are committed to following the United Nation’s 1.5-degree goal and the cooperation with WRSD is completely in line with that,” Mija Nideborn, head of product and sustainability at Björn Borg, said. “As much as 98 percent of our emissions come from production and a significant part of it lies in the dyeing process. With WRSD’s process, we drastically reduce both water and chemical use, but also waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Initially, we will use WRSD for a number of garments in our Spring-Summer, High Summer and Autumn-Winter 2023 collections.”

The Björn Borg Group owns and develops the Björn Borg brand. The focus of the business is underwear, sportswear and bags, as well as licensing of shoes and eyewear. Björn Borg’s products are sold in about 20 markets, the largest of which are Sweden and the Netherlands.