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Woolroom Launches Washable Organic Wool Bedding Line

For more than a decade, British bedding maker Woolroom has produced organic wool mattresses and bedding. And this month, the company launches its first machine-washable, GOTS-certified organic wool collection.

The line includes a wool comforter in four weights—light, medium, warm, and season weight—as well as pillows, mattress protectors, and a mattress pad. Woolroom designed the collection to make the benefits of organic wool available to a larger audience.

“Organic wool is the most natural fiber of all as the sheep graze on pasture that has to be certified organic (no fertilizers or pesticides) for a minimum of two years, and the sheep and their fleece cannot be topically treated at all,” said Chris Tattersall, managing director, Woolroom. “Our organic bedding range is the world’s first and only machine-washable wool bedding collection in existence, which now ensure that consumers do not need to compromise when buying organic.”

To make it machine-washable, the wool fibers are treated during a process of soaking and drying that prevents the material from shrinking or felting.

“The process took several years of development and involves mixing natural minerals, water and oxygen that weakens the fibers to make them bend and spring more when the wool is agitated,” Tattersall said.

While wool bedding may sound like a winter-only option, Tattersall said the material actually does a good job of wicking away heat from the body.

“Wool as a fiber will outperform any other fiber type—67 percent better than down or feather and 47 percent better than polyester—for temperature regulation,” he said. “And it has natural hypoallergenic benefits—it’s the only natural bedding hold the Allergy UK Seal of Approval—due to its ability to absorb and desorb excess heat and humidity throughout the night.”

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Tattersall said that temperature regulation ability helps organic wool bedding provide more restful sleep.

“By drawing excess heat and humidity away from the sleeper and maintaining a more constant temperature throughout the night this enables the sleeper to gain better stage 4 and 5 phases of their sleep cycle.  Its natural hypoallergenic properties will also foster better sleep by enabling sleepers to have clearer airwaves and suffer less disruption of sneezing and wheeziness.

Tattersall said Woolroom’s bedding offers a good alternative to organic cotton, particularly for those looking for a product made through a traceable process that allows the consumer to see the lineage of their bedding from farm to finished product. Each item from Woolroom comes with a Discover Wool ID, which has a QR code consumers can scan to see the steps of the sourcing and production process.

“We are committed to providing products that grow and evolve with our community while protecting our environment,” he said. “Working with the GOTS-certified farmers to provide the softest, healthiest, bedding with the utmost care takes that commitment to the next level.”

The organic washable collection is available now on Woolroom’s website.