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Second World Cotton Day to Offer Virtual Events Around the Globe

The second-annual celebration of World Cotton Day, set for Oct. 7, paying tribute to the most widely known and used natural fiber in the world, will come to life this year through virtual events covering an array of topics surrounding cotton.

It will be hosted by key global cotton stakeholders and available to consumers, brands, supply chain players and government organizations and leaders worldwide. The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) co-established the global day in 2019 along with the World Trade Organization, International Trade Center, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the Food and Agriculture Organization as a formal recognition of the benefits that cotton brings to communities worldwide.

World Cotton Day provides cotton organizations, advocacy groups, investors and beneficiaries a platform to educate peers and consumers on the positive impact that cotton can have on transforming consumption, production, development and trade.

“We are honored to help support this much-deserved celebration for a second year, for it is an exceptional opportunity to unite our industry with the intention of driving mass awareness around the significant role cotton plays in the world economy and our everyday lives,” Kai Hughes, executive director of the ICAC, said. “While this year is certainly different than last, it’s more important than ever to recognize this natural fiber’s many contributions to today’s society and the contributions it will undoubtedly continue to make in the future.”

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The event this year will be held virtually to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 15 organizations will host complimentary sessions online, featuring a range of experts who will highlight the many advantages of cotton.

Some of the celebration’s events include a virtual sustainability seminar by Cotton USA (Latin America), a LinkedIn Photo Challenge by Women in Cotton, a youth cotton video by Bremen Cotton Exchange (Germany), a cotton seminar by TexTalks (Pakistan), and brand and retailer promo partnerships and videos by Cotton Incorporated.

The second-annual World Cotton Day, set for Oct. 7, will come to life this year through virtual events covering topics surrounding cotton.

All of these virtual sessions encourage participants, from consumers to brands to public service organizations, to show their pride for cotton by wearing cotton and sharing on social media with the hashtag, #WorldCottonDay.

To learn more about World Cotton Day or sign up for a virtual event, people can visit for an event listing and additional information, and follow the #WorldCottonDay hashtag on social media throughout the day and after for highlights and other content about cotton across the globe.

The ICAC is an association of cotton producing, consuming and trading countries. It acts as a catalyst for change by helping member countries maintain a healthy world cotton economy, provides transparency to the world cotton market by serving as a clearinghouse for technical information on cotton production, and serves as a forum for discussing cotton issues of international significance.