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Adidas Launches Climachill Cooling Technology Apparel

Activewear brand Adidas has launched Climachill, a revolutionary line of apparel with cooling technology that lowers the wearer’s body temperature.

Adidas announced the new line Thursday saying the clothing incorporates an innovative woven with titanium and 3D aluminum cooling spheres–an industry first–designed to keep athletes comfortable in warmer conditions and at their peak performance.

“The technology provides an instant chilling sensation to help athletes’ performance in warm conditions — lowering their body temperature so they can train harder, run longer, retain their focus and compete at the highest level,” a company statement noted.

Aluminum cooling spheres are located on the back, neck and forearms, where the body gets warmest, and cools skin on contact. The mesh-like micro fiber fabric wicks away excess moisture from the skin and the SubZero flat yarns with titanium woven throughout each garment transfer heat away from the body.

The retailer tested the advanced apparel in a Clima chamber where temperatures reached as high as 122°F and by using a 95-degree hot plate to simulate critical functions of the skin.

Mikal Peveto, director of running for Adidas America said, “Climachill reinvents performance cooling with visible technology runners can instantly feel.” He added, “In the past year, Boost changed running footwear and Climachill is that game-changer for apparel.”

Climachill products are now available in select stores and at The line includes garments for running and training, plus tennis T-shirts, tank tops and shorts ranging in price from $40-$60.