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Video: How Trust Fuels On-Demand Retail

As more retailers try their hand at subscription and membership services, the relationship between brands and consumers continues to evolve. Rather than transactional, it’s much more reciprocal and it’s fueled by a new dynamic that requires trust on both sides.

Equally important is establishing and sticking to your own voice, Nick Molnar, Afterpay founder and CEO, told Sourcing Journal. Successful sellers create on-demand experiences that reflect their own brand identity.

Part of this includes serving a customer in whatever channel they’re in, at whatever time, and Molnar cited fast fashion brands integrating WhatsApp as just one example. While the technology is extremely similar to live chat, “it’s adapting to this new customer and how they speak and the channel they speak through,” he said. “On-demand means the customer gets the reaction and that instantaneous gratification—not just in the purchase but in all aspects of the business.”

Watch the video to learn more about what’s needed to drive on-demand retail.