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Alibaba to Invest in E-commerce Search Start-Up Twiggle

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is supporting the growth of a new player in the e-commerce navigation sphere.

The Chinese company will invest $10 million in Twiggle, an Israeli start-up, to access search technology and maintain a top spot in the global online retail industry, Bloomberg reported.

E-commerce search and discovery is of great interest to most web-based merchant companies, including Alibaba. Currently, many online shoppers are not able to detail their product search, which may cost them extensive time and money. Online retail companies then experience difficulty in customer traffic and don’t profit in the process.

Twiggle addresses these concerns and disrupts e-commerce with its intelligent design. First, it researches extensive product data to provide users with the most updated information. A cloud-based product repository also gives users unlimited access to trending items across the web. For more refined product information, Twiggle’s search engine organizes and ranks items based on the user’s needs.

Founded by former Google executives Amir Konigsberg and Adi Avidor, Twiggle has been creating data driven products for the past 10 years and also cracking the code of bad e-commerce search conditions.

Using data refining techniques, artificial intelligence and advanced technology, Twiggle provides a solution for shoppers to access products quickly and efficiently: “Our goal is to make sense of all the product data on the Internet, so as to be able to provide substantially better product-related data to enterprises—data that facilitates better search and higher conversion rates. In doing this, we aim to take e-commerce search and navigation to the next level.”