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Amazon Tackles Cyber Monday with 15,000 Kiva Robots

Amazon is putting its eighth generation fulfillment center to the ultimate test: Cyber Monday. The e-commerce giant unveiled the upgraded center—the result of almost 20 years’ worth of software and mechanical innovations—to the press on Monday. The company is currently operating 10 of this new generation of fulfillment centers across the U.S.

A fleet of Kiva robots is at the helm of streamlining the center’s costs and efficiency. Amazon, which owns Kiva Systems, has more than 15,000 robots in operation and aims to reduce its operating costs by one-fifth with the robots. The autonomous mobile robots enables extremely fast cycle times with reduced labor requirements. Likewise, the center is also equipped with Robo-Stow, one of largest robotic arms in the market helping to move large quantities of inventory for customer order fulfillment.

Amazon employees, including 80,000 additional seasonal employees, will have access to a new high-end graphically oriented computer system to use while completing orders. The company has also implemented a new vision system cutting the length of time it takes to unload an entire trailer of inventory from hours to as little as 30 minutes.

Dave Clark, Amazon senior vice president of worldwide operations and customer service, said, “The Amazon fulfillment teams are dedicated to innovating in our fulfillment centers to increase speed of delivery while enabling greater local selection at lower costs for our customers. The advancements in our latest fulfillment centers hit all three of these customer desires while continuing to provide a work environment that is great for employees.”