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Amazon’s IoT Make Apparel Shopping (And Selfies) Easier

Amazon is giving shoppers one less reason to head to the mall. Though the company’s been offering product at the press of button for two years, clothing hasn’t been a part of the Amazon Dash line up until now.

Now anyone looking to replenish their underwear drawer need only to press the Calvin Klein Underwear button.

The unmentionables were among the 40 brand products the company recently added to its offering, which can be reordered by Prime members in an instant, according to GeekWire.

“The goal is to make shopping disappear,” Dash creator Daniel Rausch told the publication.

The Dash Button, which was first written off by some as a practical joke, is now providing the company with the last laugh. Orders via Dash buttons have quadrupled in the last year, up from one a minute to four, according to Fortune magazine.

Though still a minuscule business compared to transactions processed on the site, the growth underscores consumers’ need for instant gratification with minimal effort. And for companies like Folgers, Pepperidge Farms and Ziploc, the publication said, Dash already makes up more than half of their Amazon orders.

Furthermore, the buttons, which are now offered in virtual format on, drive loyalty since consumers that use them don’t deviate from their purchasing habits to try other brands, said Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey.

That’s fine for toilet paper and paper towels (top performers via Dash buttons) but it still remains to be seen if apparel items will be as popular.

Echo Look has an eye for fashion

Until Amazon adds Dash buttons for additional fashion brands, style bloggers will have to settle for the company’s latest launch. The e-commerce giant has the replacement for Instagram husbands everywhere.

Professional influencers, amateur bloggers and everyday people can now take photos and videos of their looks themselves easily and hands-free with Echo Look, Amazon’s camera device that operates via voice commands.

But it’s more than just a camera, Echo Look is also the de facto fashion police. The web-enabled, AI-driven device will rate your styling choices based on algorithms and style specialists and recommend looks you might like to shop on Amazon.