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American Consumers Love Walmart More Than Target

It pays to be everywhere.

With 4,574 stores throughout the United States, Walmart is visited by more than half of all shoppers in the country in a given month, 24/7 Wall Street reported. That’s according to data compiled by Placed Insights, which monitors the habits of hundreds of thousands of American consumers on a monthly basis.

In April, 52.8% of shoppers surveyed said they visited Walmart at least once that month, making it the most popular store in the country.

By comparison, about half that number said they stopped by a Target. The mass-market chain has 1,792 locations in the U.S. and Placed Insights discovered 25.2% of its respondents frequented a store last month.

Dollar Tree also appeared among the most-visited stores, rounding out the list at number 10. But despite a whopping 13,626 locations across the country, it was only visited by 19.1% of consumers surveyed in April. Of that number, 61.5% were women and David Shim, founder and chief executive of Place Insights, attributed that to the fact that women are more value-conscious than men.

Americans don’t just love a bargain when it comes to general merchandise; fast-food chains McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell each appeared in the top 10, too.