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It’s Game On for This Luxury Brand in Asia

Asian consumers are going ga-ga for gaming, especially when luxury labels dish up interesting, engaging brand immersions that tap into their competitive spirit and sneak in a little product education, too.

Who knew that deep-pocketed shoppers also want to relive their carefree youth when arcade games were all the rage? Turns out, that approach is working quite well for brands like Chanel, whose Chanel Coco Game Center—a temporary beauty-focused pop-up—is wending its way around Asia, including stops in Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. As reported by the South China Morning Post, each station inside the game center is named for a Chanel product and—as these things tend to be—is Insta-friendly, with the Parisian brand’s signature lush pinks and classic double C logo splashed freely throughout, ready for sharing on social media.

Though Chanel’s arcade features classic games like Pong, the brand seized the opportunity to educate pop-up visitors by swapping out the game’s traditional paddles for digitally rendered versions of Rouge Coco, introducing consumers to the new product offering. The claw machine and racing amusements offer the chance to win products. There’s a commerce element to all of this as customers can purchase products as well as consult with make-up experts.

The Game Center plays into a sense of escapism for consumers who live busy lives in busy, crowded cities. It’s a momentary reprieve from the hustle and bustle, the kind of sensory journey that can deliver on the luxury of time and place. More than anything, it’s an encouraging sign for a deeply traditional brand like Chanel, which has been slow to embrace the tumultuous and changing times. Luxury is no longer just stuffy boutiques and snooty salespeople. It’s giving choosy, high-spending consumers a reason to give you their time and attention.

It also riffs on the throwback nostalgia theme rocking the fashion world: Champion is back, Fila’s making a resurgence and logoed apparel once deemed over is coming back with a vengeance—so why not bring back the after-school experience that marked many a millennial’s (and Gen X-er’s) youth and repackage it for the 21st century? And unlike the arcades that attracted largely male-dominated crowds, this one puts women and their interests in the driver’s seat.