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Asos is Most Searched Fashion Retailer on Google

As retailers continue to compete for online visibility, U.K. e-tailer Asos maintains its spot as Google’s top performing apparel seller.

Among other popular retailers, including House of Fraser and eBay, a majority of consumers gravitate towards Asos clothing. With a 78 percent ranking in both men’s and women’s categories on MediaVision’s annual Fashion Search Performance Report, Asos holds high above other clothing companies for its rich search engine optimization (SEO), easily searchable keywords, excellent on-site optimization, vast product ranges and social media branding.

“The fashion sector remains incredibly crowded therefore cost-effective new customer acquisition remains key to growth,” MediaVision CEO Louis Venter said. “One of the best channels to deliver this is through SEO as paid media is getting increasingly expensive year on year and most other channels target existing and not new customers.”

For style, Asos wins Google’s organic search results. Its SEO brings consumers instantly to the Asos website, where they can find anything from shift dresses to skinny trousers. Granular filtering is also great on Asos’ platform, where long tail phrases can filter products from “Dresses” to “Dress Style”, “Dress Color” and “Dress Length”. Text-based navigation also contributes to the e-tailer’s excellent internal linking.

Titling and tagging, two on-site optimization methods, are also crucial for retailers to secure high online consumer traffic. Different meta titles and descriptions come in first place on all static sub category pages on Asos. With a high domain authority of 83, it also has the largest number of sites that link back to its platform.

Compared to other apparel retailers, Asos features great product diversity and stocks other brands in addition to its own merchandise. By collaborating with other retailers, Asos secures consumer satisfaction and also rejuvenates its SEO to bump up visitor traffic. With unique clothes on hand, it’s also able to cater to consumers all year and not just seasonally. For example, kimonos were a major summer trend last year. Asos didn’t make their own kimonos, but they partnered up with other clothing brands to sell their kimonos to consumers. Transitional pieces are also found on the website, which can easily be bought should the weather be colder or warmer than usual.

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That’s not all: Asos takes social media marketing to the next level. The apparel retailer has lively posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with giveaways and colorful sale notifications. It also adds a human element to its branding with its own blog and editorial publicity. When consumers can view items on social media and other publications, Asos as a fashion brand comes to life on Google and in the physical world.