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Avocado Opens New York Flagship Store

Following in the footsteps of other online mattress brands like Casper, Avocado Green Mattress opened a brick-and-mortar experience center in New York City.

The shop, located on the popular shopping corridor of Fifth Avenue, was designed to be more of a lifestyle showroom than a typical mattress store, with mattresses and furniture, as well as sustainable fashion and beauty products from Hass and Reed+Gwen, brands it recently spawned with the same clean, organic ethos.

Also unlike the traditional mattress retail model, employees at the certified B Corp.‘s new store don’t work on commission, and are more focused on offering information to customers than pushing sales.

“We’ve developed a unique shopping experience that is unlike anything in our industry,” said Brett Thornton, vice president of retail, Avocado, which is working toward becoming the world’s first zero-waste certified mattress factory. “Our new showroom gives customers a chance to experience all our lifestyle products, while we continue the tradition of our other locations: a pressure-free retail space where we put community first.”

Avocado aims to appeal to the community by making its New York location a place where customers can hang out and enjoy the company’s products, offering meditation and yoga classes, live music and other events. Visitors also can try the company’s audiovisual Sleep Experience, a 4D immersive demonstration that reflects what a night’s sleep feels like on an Avocado mattress, while showcasing the story behind the brand’s materials.