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Checkpoint Systems Introduces New High-Speed RFID Tag

New Jersey-based Checkpoint Systems announced today the debut of new high-speed, high-quality production capabilities for RFID tags and labels, as well as a new order-tracking mobile app.

EVO, as it has been dubbed, allows for both faster printing and greater customization of RFID tags by retailers, including heavier and uniquely-shaped tags that are unable to be printed with conventional RFID thermal printers.

According to Checkpoint, EVO is capable of encoding, verifying and printing variable data on high-quality, high-performance RFID labels at ten to fifteen times the speed of conventional RFID thermal printers. EVO also allows for printing of lower volumes of high-quality tags, reducing costs for retailers, and can be customized to allow tags to be printed on both sides.

“Up until now, high-quality RFID tags required large formats and high volumes of printing,” said James Wrigley, President and COO of Apparel Labeling Solutions for Checkpoint Systems. “EVO’s advanced technology uses templates for a retailer’s specific variable data, such as SKU, style code, department, size, color, barcode and price. That, coupled with its high speed, enables a more efficient printing process that provides retailers with significant cost savings and a faster turnaround on orders.”

Checkpoint also announced the launch of Check-Net, a new order-tracking mobile app for smartphones and tablets that allows retailers to quickly access account information, check order status, and receive push notifications regarding orders. With Check-Net Mobile, retailers can track orders all the way through the production cycle, check orders across multiple Check-Net accounts, and review and approve or decline orders. Both iPhones and Androids will be supported, the company said.