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Pop-Up Goes Out on a Limb to Engage Consumers—Literally

Cocona is literally going to new heights—6,000 feet to be exact—to create an engaging consumer experience.

The advanced materials company and maker of 37.5 Technology, opened a cliffside pop-up shop on Bastille Wall in Colorado’s Eldorado Canyon.

“For more than a decade, we’ve gone to the ends of the earth to create performance-enhancing materials for athletes,” Cocona Inc. CEO Jeff Bowman said. “But now we’ve gone to the ends of the earth to get it to them.”

Cocona employee and 11-year climbing ranger Dave Bywater manned the shop from sunrise to sunset, where he provided climbers with essential outdoor clothing. Throughout the day, Cocona provided climbers with apparel from Adidas, Rab and Point6, all of which were made with 37.5 Technology.

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Unlike other materials, 37.5 Technology enables climbers to maintain a core temperature of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for high-elevation weather conditions. Testing has shown that 37.5 Technology could increase athlete performance, by stabilizing climbers’ body temperature during intensive physical activity. The technology works like a cooling vest circulating cold water and alternatively if it’s cold, retains heat and keeps the body warm. Having this comfort allows climbers to wear fewer layers while they climb and experience changes in altitude.

In addition to the pop-up shop, Cocona also supported public climbing initiatives, donating $15,000 in total to the Access Fund, the American Alpine Club and the Action Committee for Eldorado (ACE) to replace aging climbing equipment. The company aims to support its outdoor enthusiast consumers with fabric solutions and foster the sport of climbing worldwide.