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Consumers Will Be Able to Shop on Instagram Soon

In addition to browsing for product images, consumers will soon be able to shop on Instagram with their smartphones. Considering more than 84 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. research and compare products on a mobile app, it makes sense that Instagram and brands would work together to provide consumers with a seamless digital shopping experience.

Beginning next week, Instagram will conduct a shopping test using Instagram posts. According to the social network, most mobile shopping experiences, though speedy, don’t offer consumers adequate product information. Furthermore, only 21 percent of m-commerce purchases are made within a day. The test will allow Instagram to change the mobile shopping experience, because it will enable consumers to understand products before buying them on a smartphone.

Twenty U.S.-based brands, including JackThreads and Kate Spade New York, will share posts with more product details. Each post will include a “tap to view” icon at the bottom left of a photo, which will allow consumers to learn about, review and consider merchandise featured in the image. When the icon is tapped, a tag will show on up to five products featured in the post with their prices. Once consumers select a tag, a new and detailed view of the product will open. Consumers can now access product information without leaving the Instagram app. If the consumer likes the product, they may tap the “Shop Now” link from the product detail view and go directly to the products’ site for purchasing.

“This test is going to change the scope of what we, as retailers, are capable of offering on mobile,” JackThreads CMO Ryan McIntyre said. “Instead of having to transition over to the JackThreads app, our customers will be able to shop seamlessly from their social media feeds—allowing us to reach guys where they’re already hunting for what’s new.”

The new m-commerce feature will allow Instagram to learn more about consumers and the businesses engaging in the shopping test. Furthermore, Instagram hopes to work on the presentation of products, saving content and global expansion as it introduces shopping abilities to consumers everywhere.