Skip to main content Drives 5M Consumers to Brick and Mortar Businesses

Coupon tycoon is helping brick-and-mortar businesses gain online shoppers with a new initiative. announced the launch of #OnlineToOffline, a geo-targeted program that brings its five million Chinese American consumers to local shops in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The online savings hub already offers discounts and trusted recommendations.

By partnering up with, brick-and-mortar businesses could potentially increase performance and traffic. The #OnlineToOffline program is projected to grow to 15 U.S. cities within a few years.

With 15 million monthly site visits, five million users and more than two million mobile app downloads, has become a favorite destination among Chinese American consumers. The site is often compared to Amazon since it features a slew of deals and product variety.

But despite the growth in digital platforms, many consumers are still buying stuff in stores.

“While our online business will continue to be our biggest growth area, 92 percent of the shopping transactions in the U.S. are happening offline,” co-founder and CMO Jennifer Wang said. “Specifically these categories include products that are difficult to purchase without seeing them in person, such as food, apparel, jewelry, cars, real estate, and home services. ”

The #OnlineToOffline initiative brings users inexpensive products, packages and experiences from the three major cities. The program is expected to give consumers a rewarding in-store experience and give a boost to physical stores.

“The online to offline program is a way that is tapping into the myriad of products that are difficult to sell online,” CEO Lu Shen said. “Since 2009, our core business was guiding Chinese American shoppers to worthy websites who have high quality products and best-of-web prices.”