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Just in Time for Holiday, Vegas Shopping Center Adds Convenient New Delivery Option

How much money is lost every time shoppers hold off on making a purchase simply because they can’t think of a convenient way to lug it home? Dropit wants to find out.

In partnership with mall owner Brookfield Properties, the London-based Dropit shopping service is launching at the 1.8 million-square-foot shopping center Fashion Show in Las Vegas, to serve the 250 retailers that make their home there.

Dropit said its service makes shopping “easier, more comfortable and more flexible” by offering a solution that essentially works the same as a ride-sharing app. Shoppers simply drop their bags in a Dropit receptacle found at any of the participating retailer locations and the service will ensure the bags are promptly delivered to a chosen destination, complete with tracking and live customer support.

“Providing guests with maximum convenience is an important priority for us, and Dropit will benefit everyone,” Michelle Snyder, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Brookfield Properties, said. “Fashion Show is an iconic retail destination located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip that draws a considerable amount of tourists and local residents alike. Tourists will appreciate the ability to enjoy the Las Vegas experience without carrying shopping bags, and local residents will be able to grab something during their day with the benefit of having purchases delivered to their homes.”

Dropit said that its service should be exceptionally helpful for visitors who want to mix shopping activities with other events, such as local conferences. Additionally, it could be a boon for those that are unable to carry their own bags, particularly those with disabilities, parents with small children and the elderly.

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Purchasing a single Dropit pass for $15 will give consumers all-day access to the program with no limits on the number of bags to be dropped throughout the day. In a statement, Karin Cabili, founder and CEO of Dropit, said the service will not only offer an elevated shopping experience to consumers but it also has the potential to add value to the entire retail ecosystem, including brands, employees, logistics providers and even property owners like Brookfield.

Years before launching Dropit, Cabili got the idea on a trip to New York. As the story goes, Cabili was on her way to a meeting when she spotted a must-have pair of boots. Unable to take the boots with her, the purchase was never made. Since then, she has been on a mission to help both retailers and shoppers by introducing another option into the typical shopping calculus.

“I agree with recent comments by the National Retail Federation that the industry’s winners will be those that invest in convenience and efficient supply chains,” Cabili said. “With the launch of Dropit at Fashion Show, Brookfield Properties is giving shoppers the means to make the most of their day, while helping retailers better serve their most valuable customers. It’s a win-win for consumers and the retail industry.”