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This AI Firm Is Bringing Offline Data Online to Personalize the Shopper Experience

Dynamic Yield is helping retailers better incorporate offline data to improve the shopper’s experience online.

The maker of the “AI-powered personalization anywhere” platform says its technology helps customers tailor the user experience across myriad touch points, from e-commerce, mobile apps, and email to kiosks, Internet of Things-connected devices and even call centers. Now, Dynamic Yield is striving to improve personalization perks for online shoppers by integrating data from real-world purchases and interactions to their digital profiles.

Identified Offline Purchase Data Ingestion, Dynamic Yield’s new feature, enables retailers to import buying data garnered from physical touchpoints to drive deeper personalization campaigns, the company said, pointing out that e-commerce, while popular and growing, accounts for a minority of total retail sales.

“Today’s customers are traversing digital and physical shopping experiences and expect retailers to remember their preferences and past purchase behavior no matter where the transaction occurs,” Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield, said. “Fluidity of online and offline data, therefore, is key to getting it right, and our new capability has made it possible to influence customer action on a whole other level.”

Offline data can be used to improve both targeting and product recommendations, according to Dynamic Yield, and will introduce a new customer experience: a seamless integration of in-store and online activity.

With additional offline data, companies have the ability to create new audiences for personalized content, exclude previously purchased products from recommendations or targeting and augment purchasing algorithms with new data. This enables brands and retailers to recommend items that are frequently purchased together in-store, for example.

Dynamic Yield will be able to target consumers with personalized emails based on this offline data, emphasizing complementary products that may make sense for later purchase online or in-store. The platform can also connect that data with social media platforms and third-party sites, bringing the same functionality to channels like Facebook ads.

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“Identified Offline Purchase Data Ingestion is the latest in Dynamic Yield’s efforts to enrich its customer profiles,” said Dynamic Yield, which can also onboard CRM data, personally identifiable user data and content feeds into its database. “Part of a larger investment in its customer data platform (CDP) capabilities, the company plans to expand its product offering in onboarding, consolidation, and activation for the delivery of highly tailored experiences across the entire marketing stack.”

Although consumers generally appreciate the benefits that personalization can bring to their online experience, a similar number believe brands and retailers should be doing more to protect that data. New technology, such as voice shopping, is sometimes seen as unreliable and untrustworthy by consumers who value privacy over personalization.